Monday, December 31, 2007

Blah blah blah

The other day, I got a phone call from girl-from-grounds five seconds before my alarm went off saying "You're late! What's wrong with you?" That's such a mean thing to do to Lint Monkey in the morning!

Then I had to clean kitchens all day and almost every room had dirty dishes. Silly people, they're supposed to do their dishes before they leave, and they definitely left crap caked on the dishes. Bleeeh. So seven hours, no lunch, and I was really hungry by the time I got home.

I was parking the van the other day, and when I tapped the brakes, all the snow from the top of the van (about six inches of it) fell forward and crashed in front of the van. I just kind of sat and watched it all cascade down the windshield and then said "Hm... don't think I can drive over THAT pile of snow." And then I did anyway. So I parked the van, and as I was locking it up, the wind blew my hat off my head. I started to run after it, then realized that I was running on ice, which isn't exactly a great idea. Especially since I wasn't even wearing my cleats. So I tried to stop, but I went sliding after the hat anyway because, well... ice. It was pretty cool. I had to chase my hat halfway across the resort, too. Pretty funny.

Tomorrow is going to be such a loooong day... zomg.... and when we were doing in-house in one of the cabins, we noticed one of them had the dresser hidden beneath like fifty enormous bottles of various kinds of alcohol. I forgot that New Years' Eve is See-how-drunk-we-can-get Night. Geez I hope we don't have to clean up barf tomorrow... I hate cleaning up barf.

Man... walking to work was fun today... I usually trudge a path through the snow to get to the lobby, and today, the snow was about up to my knees. It's actually kinda hard to tell exactly how deep the snow is, because in some places, it looks like it's only maybe four inches deep, and in other places, it's like a foot and a half or so. That's not counting the four-foot piles that fall off the roof, or the piles where the snowplows dump snow.

Now I'm bored and want to get out of my computer chair for a bit. So I'm going to go do something else. And my camera is broken. Woe. I'll have to buy a new one. Spending lots of money, for the lose!

Friday, December 28, 2007


I've been meaning to update my blog for the last three days or so, and I keep forgetting. Well, no, it's because I keep falling asleep early. At least I wake up early, too, though. Better than falling asleep early and waking up late. If I did that, though, I would claim I was just hibernating. Yeah, that's it.

So, a couple of days ago, I decided my room was disgusting and I should probably clean it. So I did. It took the better part of six hours. Picking it up wasn't too bad--I do pick my room up periodically. No, I went to the front desk and got powerful chemicals and a vacuum cleaner and scrubbed my room top to bottom. It was really gross. And my microwave looked and smelled like someone had thrown up in it. Ewwwww. So now it's all clean, and every time I start to get up from my computer, I have to do a double-take before I remember that yes, indeed, I AM in my own room. Well, maybe it's not my "own," since technically, it belongs to the resort, but you know what I mean!

My favorite part of my job, I think, is making children's beds. You can usually tell because they have toys and stuffed animals and blankets with pictures of Batman or Cinderella or Power Rangers or My Little Ponies. Maybe it's weird of me, but I usually put a little more effort into making kids' beds... I arrange the stuffed animals, or tuck them in... and Rye just about rolled his eyes out of his head the time when he folded a blanket with pictures of Disney princesses on it and I refolded it so the princesses were on the outside.

Today, there were some adorable little kids in cabin two... one girl, maybe four or five years old, was clutching this stuffed seal that was as big as she was. She and a little boy about two kept talking to me while I was talking to their mom, and every time I looked down at them, their eyes would get wide and they'd hide behind Mom's legs.

Changing subjects! I'm such an airhead sometimes that it's not even funny. Yes it is. It's hilariously funny. At work, they keep bugging me to wear gloves. "It's cold." "Your hands will stick to the doorhandles." "You'll get frostbite." So finally, I got two pairs of gloves. Two days ago, I wore one pair in to work. It seemed like every thirty seconds, I would stop, turn around, and say "Where did I put my gloves?" At the end of the day, I left them in the housekeeping van. At least, I think that's where I left them. So I'm stuck with my other pair of gloves until the next time we use the van. So today, I wore my other pair of gloves. And yes. I lost them. Lucky me, Beth gave me yet another pair of gloves... they're not snowboarding gloves like the two I lost, but they actually fit me, which is thoroughly amazing in and of itself. (I have freakishly large hands and have always had problems finding fitting gloves.) Maybe I'll be able to keep this pair.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Amin n'rangwa edanea

It being Christmas, I should probably post some thoughtful, religious contemplation of the meaning of the season. Then I should probably turn on some Christmas music and read the scriptures and maybe go out and do something nice for other people. Or... I could sit in front of my computer and babble about nothing whatsoever.

I like to pretend I'm good at what I do? What do I do, you ask? I kill plants. I mean, honestly... who can kill a spider fern? They're supposed to be indestructible! Granted, it's not dead yet... but it's getting there. Definitely getting there. And yes, I do water it!

I should cut my bangs. They're a good two inches past where I normally like them. But I'm very lazy.

Oh oh oh! My mommy sent me a cabinetmaking textbook! :D Joyous! I already finished the first unit and was going to start the second one when I decided to update my blog instead. That's not true. I decided to take a shower instead, and then I watered Maxxy and realized she was sick and then I checked outside to see if it was snowing again and then I sat down at my computer and decided to update my blog. I might have missed a few things too, but you get the point.


Chocolate milk in cereal makes for a very thick cereal. Almost thick enough to make you gag. I think I learned that once, too. Silly Lint Monkey. I should've known that. Want chocolate milk? Use normal milk and chocolate cereal.

You know what I want? Ton-- I mean, cookies. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Yummy...

I should take the trash out. Sometime. Maybe not now. I'm comfortable. And maybe when I log onto WoW, my brother or sister will be playing. Bryan, you need to get WoW and play on Kael'Thas server, d'Arvit! Oh, and everyone needs to read the Artemis Fowl books, because they're very good. That is all.

And remember: Uuma ma’ ten’ rashwe, ta tuluva a’ lle.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Yay snow!

If you can help it, never ever ever ever ever use a round table as a computer desk, because it's killer on your wrists.

I got bored yesterday, so I built a Calvin and Hobbes style snowman scene on Rye's car. Built a large mutant that, originally, was going to be biting the heads off of little snowmen while other little snowmen ran in terror. ...Then I realized that if a guest saw that and got offended, there would be trouble (just wait till they see the stuffed teddy hanging from a hangman's noose in the housekeeping van). So instead, I just had the mutant eating a plate of snowballs. Boring, but what can you do? Well, okay, if I'd given it more time and effort, I may have been able to come up with something more creative.

Lief and Aaron pulled a better prank. They buried Tyler's car completely in snow. When they finished, you couldn't tell there was a car there at all--it just looked like the pile of snow that snowplows push off the road. Rye and I saw Tyler out there scratching his head over it as we drove past this afternoon, and we pretty much cracked up.

I love this place!

By the way, in case you ever happen to be in Alaska for a winter, I have a very important tip for you. Never, never, never ever ever get in a snowball fight with an Alaskan and expect to win. Rye and I had another snowball fight at work today. I got in a few good shots on him... but I came in covered head to toe in snow from where I tried to run, slipped, and somersaulted. Actually, it's pretty fun somersaulting in a foot of snow, until it goes down the back of your tucked-in shirt.

So it's finally snowing, and I get a white Christmas after all! Woohoo!!! Apparently, the weather report is calling for snow for the next ten days or so. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited! I want to see at least three feet of snow! And then I want to dig a complex snow cave system all around the resort! And then I want to hole up inside with a big cup of hot chocolate.

Hm... weird thing... I would swear I'm gaining weight... I mean, I don't get nearly as much exercise as I would like... and when I look in the mirror, I would swear my face is getting rounder. But yet, my pants feel a bit looser than before, and I have to pull my belt a notch smaller than I used to. Weird. Or maybe I'm just insane. Hmm... Well, I guess I don't go through 52 ounces of M&Ms a week anymore. Maybe that would make a difference. Actually, for the most part, I don't eat too much junk food much anymore except for donuts. And donuts are more like the bread of life than junk food. Anyway, yeah, I'm shutting up now.

Tony sent me a microphone for recording music... so as soon as I figure out how to work it, I can maybe record and upload a song or two for my adoring fans. But only if you say please. Well, I'm uploading one for my brother anyway, but that's not the point.

Anyway... I'm going to go do something else now... maybe even something constructive! (Wow...)


PS - Tigris is super-cool and deserves cookies! :D!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


It's snowing again! Woohoo!!! We've gotten like six inches in the last two days! Joyous! It's even a good consistency for making snowballs. Rye and I had a snow fight just before coming in from work and ended up dripping snow all over the lobby.

We should also probably start taking the liquids out of the van at the end of the day.... It's hard to use Simple Green when it's frozen solid.

I got three whole Christmas cards today! Woot! Somebody loves me! :D

There was something specific I was going to write about, but now I can't remember what it was. Dangit. Hope it wasn't important. Oh geez, speaking of forgetting things, I really need to ship off my family's Christmas presents... Oops.

Uhm... yeah... hm...

That's all for now... then... I guess... Toodles!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That's not mint at all

We got a note at the front desk this morning that said "Room 414 smells like death." That's pretty ominous. We went to inspect the room, and I was half-afraid to go in because I very nearly expected to find a dead body lying somewhere... but no. It was just the toilet smelling bad. What's the matter with people, can't they tell death from poo? Rawr.

Rye's favorite quote of the day was when he gave me some wasabi peanut brittle that Toby made. I'm not a huge fan of wasabi... but I didn't know it was wasabi. It was green. I thought it was mint. So I bit into it, made a face, and said "That's not mint at all!" Rye just about fell on the floor laughing at me.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Know what's interesting? When I write an essay, the introduction and the conclusion are the hardest part, because they explain what the whole essay is generally about. I never had much trouble elaborating on the points in the body of the paper, but summing it up in the introduction and especially the conclusion drove me crazy. It always sounded so lame to me. Now I'm trying to write a song, and it's exactly the opposite. I've got the chorus, which is usually the part that sums up what the song is generally about, but I'm drawing a blank for the rest of the piece.

Funny thing, though. Yesterday, I wrote what I had and thought it sounded okay, but the more I worked with it, the more I hated it until I was on the verge of trashing the whole thing. Today I went back and played it again and thought "Wow! That actually sounds kinda cool." A little simplistic, maybe, but hey, I've never written music before. Not bad for a first attempt.

Now here I am trying to work with it some more, and again, the more I stare at it, the less I like it. Oy. Cliche says I'm too hard on myself. Ya know, I think he's right.

I'll shut up now.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Writer's block

Note to self: Walking into doors does not make them open.

Writer's block is obnoxious.

I don't have anything else to say.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gryphon Race

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lint Monkey

Lint Monkey is going to write this post in third person because Lint Monkey feels like it. Lint Monkey is also not going to use pronouns when referring to Lint Monkey because Lint Monkey feels that would defeat the purpose of speaking in third person.

Lint Monkey feels like a horrible person because Lint Monkey forgot to call Sister of Lint Monkey on Sister of Lint Monkey's birthday. Lint Monkey would like to give Sister of Lint Monkey a big apology, an enormous hug, and a poem to make up for it. A-hem....

Roses are red, as is strawberry Jell-O,
Now you're eighteen, and so you need a fellow.
A short one or tall one, a here-catch-the-ball one,
A young one, a fat one, a torture-the-cat one...
Maybe you'd be better off with a hamster.

Happy belated birthday, Sister of Lint Monkey.

Lint Monkey got the game Portal today, but unfortunately, the game is a six gigabyte download, and Lint Monkey's monthly download limit is only two gigabytes. This distresses Lint Monkey. Fortunately, Lint Monkey has a stuffed squirrel, so all is right in the world.

Also, Sister of Lint Monkey should eat donuts. By the way. The highway. So that dirty snow will be splooshed on Sister of Lint Monkey. That way, Sister of Lint Monkey can scare away any potential boyfriends by being dirty, wet, and cold. Not to mention by eating donuts with dirty snow splooshed on them. Now Lint Monkey wonders if Sister of Lint Monkey has seen snow yet this year. Lint Monkey suspects so.

Lint Monkey will not be going home for Christmas. This makes Lint Monkey sad. Lint Monkey remembers torturing Kitty of Lint Monkey's Family last Christmas with fondness. Lint Monkey wonders whether Kitty of Lint Monkey's Family will miss Lint Monkey. Lint Monkey suspects so.

Lint Monkey had a visitor last night! Girl-from-grounds came to visit Lint Monkey in the evening, and Lint Monkey was very pleasantly surprised. Lint Monkey likes Girl-from-grounds. Lint Monkey thinks Girl-from-grounds is funny and interesting, not to mention intelligent. Lint Monkey wishes Girl-from-grounds would visit more often. Lint Monkey looks forward to when there is more snow on the ground, so Lint Monkey and Girl-from-grounds can work together to completely block the doorway to the laundry room with a solid wall of snow.

Lint Monkey is going to end this post now because it is nearly time for fresh donuts to be sold at the grocery store. Lint Monkey likes fresh donuts. Especially the kind with cream filling. So Lint Monkey will bid Readers of Lint Monkey's Blog toodles now.

Monday, December 3, 2007

That's a negative, Captain

Upon request, I came up with a wish list for those of you who feel obligated to buy stuff for me this Christmas. I'd also add that I'd like a necklace to fiddle with when I'm bored, but I'm not putting it on the list. I wouldn't trust anyone but my immediate family (parents, brothers, and sister) to pick one out for me. They know what kind of jewelry I do and don't wear. I'm really not big into jewelry, but if someone sends me a necklace I like, I'll usually wear it until it falls apart. I don't like rings and bracelets much because they get in the way and/or fall off. And I stopped wearing earrings about six months after I had my ears pierced when I accidentally ripped them painfully out of my ears for the fourteenth time.

So that's that about jewelry. Yep.

I recently realized that I complain too much. So my goal is to stop complaining entirely for a week, joking or not. I figure if I can do that, that'll kind of put me in the habit and maybe I'll be a less negative person. It's a start, at least, right? Right?

I have a friend on WoW, Tigris, that I really look up to. He has a lot he can complain about, but he's always one of the most positive people I know. In raids, when we're all dying a lot and people are arguing and getting mad, Tigris keeps cracking jokes and saying "We'll do it this time." He's had some trouble in real life too, and I know he's trying really really hard to overcome it and make his life better, even though it's hard and he's scared. I respect that a lot. I wish I knew more people like him.

The chocolate banana cream cake Rye made for the Christmas party last night was quite possibly the most delicious thing I've ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth. The party was a whole lot of fun, actually. We hooked up a Wii to the big-screen television in the party hall and played Wii sports for a while (I beat the snot out of Rye in tennis, but couldn't do golf to save my life), then put in Rayman Raving Rabbids (or something like that). Oh my gosh that game was a hoot! (to use my mom's term.) Then we had a gift exchange--the white elephant kind where you steal people's presents. I got some fancy chocolates, which of course were stolen later. I didn't mind, though, because I can hardly tell the difference between Hershey's and Ghirardelli. I was glad someone who could appreciate them got 'em. Me, I went straight for the LED flashlight that you can clip onto the brim of your baseball cap. Dead useful for me, since I'm always wearing a baseball cap. I brought in a toy sword. It had a little trigger on it, and when you pulled the trigger, it lit up, made noises, and vibrated. Kind of a gag gift, but someone actually stole it, and the younger people (20-25 age group) seemed to love it. I didn't have any wrapping paper, or even newspaper, so I wrapped it in aluminum foil, then wrapped that completely in masking tape. Even with his pocketknife, the guy who opened it had trouble, and everyone laughed their heads off about it. I think that was the best part.

And I made some brownies, and people actually liked them! It was just store-bought brownie mix with chocolate chips added, and I didn't know when I baked them that the oven cooks 25 degrees hot... but apparently they turned out good enough that when I tried to take them home, Tracy and Freda just about trampled me to grab the last brownies. Well, that's not true... I had eaten too much and didn't want to see any more food for a week, but they still said they liked the brownies and begged to be allowed to have the leftovers since I didn't want them.

Learning experience! DiGiorno pizzas should not ever ever ever be cooked in the microwave. Ruins them. A lot. Just so ya know.

Oh, along with the LED hat-light, I also got a smelly candle. The scent is called First Snow, but it doesn't smell anything like snow. But I was cold today and decided to light it anyway. ...Okay, that's a lie, I just wanted to play with fire. And even though it smells nothing like snow, it's not too bad. And hey, flames. 'Nuff said.

It's supposed to snow this week! I'm stoked! Apparently it was too cold to snow this morning. Did you know it's possible for it to be too cold to snow?? I didn't. I just assumed anything under 32 was fair game for snow, but noooo. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. If it's possible for it to get too cold to snow, how is there snow in places like Antarctica? I know there's snow there--you can't fool me! But hey, I didn't invent physics, I just listen to what people tell me and try to discern truth from garbage. It's hard sometimes.

Jewel says I may get to work grounds this summer... if I'm lucky and not enough people apply in grounds and a lot of people apply for housekeeping. Nothing against the housekeepers... but boy I hope I get to work in grounds! Yay for full days of mowing lawns and scrubbing guts out of the fish house! I'm hoping Hillary will come up and work here this summer so I can have a roommate who won't mind my piano taking up half the room.

Now this post is turning into a novel, so I should probably shut up and go to bed.... Toodles! And don't forget, 18 inches of snow before you can safely go snowmobiling. (PS - This next picture is of my Mervyn in his new doofy-looking armor. I think his daggers glow like Christmas lights.)

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Writing music sucks. I had finally thought I had made up a song I almost liked. It seemed a little short, but I figured with time, I could add to it and such. Well, today I realized why it was so short. I was playing what felt and sounded good, and that, of course, was taken from another composer. Yeah. I was pretty much playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Only upbeat and with chords. That's not composing.

I helped Rye make a chocolate banana cream cake today. I measured out some water. And successfully smashed an egg yolk I was trying to separate. Mostly I just sat and watched. But at least I was spending time with a friend instead of holed up in my room, I guess.

For some reason, I'm depressed right now. Not sure why. I actually had a pretty good day. I guess I was happy up until ten minutes ago when I tried writing a song again. Maybe I just have a mental block. I think I can't write music, so of course I can't do it. Yeah, that's it. ...No, it's not. I'm not really a musician. Musicians are artists. I'm just a mathematician with good hand-eye coordination. Not that it really matters, I guess....

Meh, I should go to bed before I mope too much. Just figured I'd update for the heck of it because I haven't in a little while.

You know what was awesome today? When I went in to the front desk, there was a Christmas tree. Lights and sparklies and all. It was a plastic tree, but it was still a Christmas tree. And I got to help decorate it with the fuzzy animal keychains we sell in the gift shop. We didn't have a star to put on top (horrors!), so I took a little American flag and stuck it on top. It's a patriotic Christmas tree now!

And I can't believe it's December, and I'm in Alaska, and there's NO SNOW ON THE GROUND!!! What's the deal??? Everyone else is as shocked as I am. They say it's my fault for bringing the warm weather with me. Not fair!

Actually, it gets pretty cold. The other night, I was going to drive somewhere, but my car was so frozen solid that I couldn't get the door open. I ended up opening the trunk and crawling over the seats to turn on the car so it would heat up and thaw out.

Okay, now I really need to get to bed. Toodles!

Monday, November 26, 2007


Ooookay so maybe I procrastinated updating for too long... I'm sorry. Please shoot me.

Thanksgiving was great! About half an hour after I woke up, I got a call saying people were starting to gather at the barracks for dinner. I whipped up some crap-in-a-bowl real fast (a dessert I invented. It looks like crap, but it tastes okay, and it only takes about five minutes to make) and headed over. Actually, I didn't. I skipped a part. Actually, I called up Margaret before heading over. Margaret's a lady who's staying here at the resort by herself through January. I figured she was probably lonely, and I have to admit, I kind of miss having human interaction at times too... so I decided we should be friends. Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling well and couldn't come.

So I said good-bye to Maxxy and took my crap-in-a-bowl to the barracks. Dinner wasn't ready yet, but there were a half dozen people hanging out. I got reacquainted with Friend, a girl I met this summer. Her real name is Cassie, but the first time I met her was when I had cut my finger and needed a Band-aid. When she got one for me, I said "Wow, thanks! Let's be friends! You can be my best friend today!" and ever since then, we just call each other Friend. She's working as a park ranger at Exit Glacier this winter (sooo jealous!), but she came for Thanksgiving anyway.

There was a movie playing on the big-screen TV. Nobody seemed to know what it was called, but it seemed to have no plot, and involved just people running around screaming profanities and then shooting each other in the head. Everyone seemed to agree on that point, but it didn't get turned off. Just generally ignored.

Dinner was pretty good. Better than anything I could cook, for sure, but I've never been a huge fan of turkey. And we had everything a traditional Thanksgiving dinner demands: turkey, ham, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy, weird bean stuff, apple cider, and pumpkin pie. I ate so much that I only had room for one slice of pumpkin pie, and that's saying something, because I looooove pumpkin pie.

While we ate, someone popped in the movie Shrek the Third. Everyone actually watched that one. Man, it was funny!! Good movie, especially for a sequel. I highly recommend it.

After the movie was over, I cleaned up my mess and made up a plate of food for Margaret. She was feeling better by the time I brought it over, and she invited me in, but she immediately lay down on the couch to talk from there. We chatted for the better part of two hours, I think, before I left, pleading exhaustion. But I found out she had never done a 3-D jigsaw puzzle before, so I promised to get one and bring it so we could work on it.

So the next day, I drove to the Fish House after work (no, the Fish House doesn't sell fish. It sells pretty much everything else, though) and picked up the Neuschwanstein Castle jigsaw puzzle. 836 pieces. So for the last three days, after work, Margaret and I worked on that puzzle. She spend almost the whole time insisting we were missing pieces and the company was trying to pull a fast one on us, and she was going to write a nasty letter when we put it together and were missing twenty key pieces. Of course, we finished it today, and weren't missing a single piece. She was absolutely thrilled. I guess she won't be writing that nasty letter after all. As it turns out, she's never done a jigsaw puzzle of any kind at all before, which is as shocking to me as hearing someone say they've never ridden a bike. Or read a book for fun. Or eaten a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I guess she was just as shocked to hear that I can't swim, though. Or rather, can swim, but stink at it.

So that's my report. I can't believe how late we stayed up finishing that puzzle! I guess I should pretend to go to bed now... I haven't had nearly enough sleep lately, for sure. So toodles!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I adopted a precious today. I call her Maxxy. She's green. Very green. And theoretically is next-to-impossible to kill, despite the distinct lack of sunlight I can give her. I don't know where best to put her.... I would put her by the window to get sun, but it's fairly cold there. Besides, I like to crack the window open to let in fresh air, and I know Maxxy wouldn't like that very much at all. But I don't know if it's wise to put her away from the window either... because there's little enough sun as it is.

I don't know. I've never had a plant before. Any botanists out there who can give me advice? I like Maxxy. She's a good listener so far. She's not sick of my stories yet, and that's always a good sign.

I also got a picture of the snow. It's not spectacular, but it will have to do for now.

Monday, November 19, 2007


Shields of Honor downed Prince Malchezaar!! WOOT!!!! And now I'm probably the first person in my guild to have two pieces of my tier 4 set!

That aside, on to the real post...

I wrote a very witty post here. Then I deleted it. Use your imagination to guess what I wrote. Person who guesses closest gets a pony!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

If I were a better person, I would be doing community service instead of writing this...

If anyone ever tries to call me Schnookiesmoochiewufflybuggyboo, I think I'll keel over dead from laughing too hard. Just a thought.

Theoretically, there was a blizzard today. A mild blizzard. And by "mild" I mean it didn't even really snow. But the wind blew. And the snow, being too floofy to pack at all, kind of blew around a little. Sounds hazardous, doesn't it? I can't believe I survived.

So, there's this guy I know only over World of Warcraft, right, and he was pretending I was going to pass out from impatience waiting to put together a group for an instance. "You look a little pale, Merv," he told me. "That's because I live in Alaska," I told him. "The sun doesn't really exist. It's just a fairy tale we tell children to put them to sleep." Then he asked me if I lived in Pennsylvania.

I'm not tired right now. I think I'm going to dress really warmly and go block the laundry room door completely with a wall of snow. I hope Laura's the one working security tonight. I bet she would help me. Toodles!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Moment of Truth

I gave Beth a ride home today. Even though she only lives about half a mile away, she insisted on getting me a sandwich at Safeway to pay for the gas or something. Who am I to turn down free food?

I've never gotten a sandwich at Safeway before, and had no idea what any of them are like. So I just kind of guessed on every question they asked me. "What kind of sandwich do you want?" "Um... I don't know. How about a spicy one?" "Northwest Chicken?" "Sure." "What kind of bread." "Uh... that one." "You want it warmed?" "Sure. Why not." Whatever.

So I dropped Beth off and came home to try my sandwich. Set it reverently on the table, removed my gloves and jacket, seated myself in my Throne of Awesome--I mean, chair--and carefully and respectfully unwrapped it.

"And now for the moment of truth!" I said in a deep, melodramatic voice. I held the sandwich up to the light to add to the effect. "Laaaaaaaaaaaa!" I devoured it like a ravenous wolf, then sat back to think about how boring it is acting silly when there's no one around to laugh at your silliness but yourself.

And then I realized that, as a matter of fact, I hadn't even touched the sandwich, but had imagined the whole thing. The sandwich is still sitting beside the keyboard, unwrapped.

Must be cabin fever.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Furry geckos in outer space

I suppose I have been neglecting my responsibilities as an author. Of popular literature. At least, I could be an author of popular literature. If I had talent. And weren't lazy. But well, life sucks, then you die, as Rusty often said.

So... the other day, I went in to work and Beth made some comment about what I would write on my blog and suddenly, everyone at work knows about it. I expect they'll look at it once for curiosity's sake, skim it, laugh a little bit, and then leave it alone, leaving me free to make fun of them once again. Heh-heh-heh.

Yesterday, I was introduced to cleats. Not soccer cleats, but like... ice cleats. Or something. Metal spikes nailed through rubber that you put on your shoes and theoretically don't slip on the ice. They're unsteady and wobbly (both!) on pretty much any surface but ice. And maybe gecko fur. From all the furry geckos in outer space. Speaking of which, why do we call this planet Earth? That's just about the most boring name I can think of. Why didn't we call it Burrogaki'zheran, Home of Equines, Felines, Canines, and Land Mines? Or, you know, something with an apostrophe in the name and a big long title after it. Maybe even two apostrophes. But no. We call it "Earth." It's not even named after one of the Roman gods like every other planet in the solar system. Noooo. "Earth." La-di-freaking-da.

But I digress. I was talking about cleats, wasn't I? Yes. So anyway, you should never tap-dance in cleats. It sounds cool, but it scratches the heck out of whatever tile floor you may be standing on at the moment. Not that I would've done anything stupid like that on resort property. Of course. I sure hope my boss skips reading this paragraph. While I'm hoping that, did I ever tell you about the time I set fire to the carpet in one of our townhouses? While I was cleaning the fireplace, I learned, for about the fourth time, that the white coals are still hot. Aren't learning experiences fun?

But the cleats. Yes. So, they're unsteady and wobbly on any surface but ice and gecko fur. And they also click loudy with every step. And the spikes dig into cement floors so you have to yank them out. That's why you're not supposed to wear them inside. "Click, yank! Click, yank! Click, yank! Pay for new floor... Click, yank! Click, yank!" Like that. Or you can come inside, yank them off your feet, walk around normal for three minutes, spend five minutes fighting to get them back on your feet, walk around outside for eight seconds, and repeat the whole process. There has to be a better way. If I were intelligent and ambitious, I would probably attempt to invent something better. Or maybe there is something better, and I just don't know about it. Either way, I don't really care right now, because there's a rainstorm in the Pacific that demands my attention.

That said, I'm going to go turn the rainstorm into a neosporadic francophile. I think I just made those words up. They sound good, though. Toodles!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


So I definitely stayed up too late last night trying to learn how to play the piano. Work took all of forty minutes this morning, and when I came back and tried to read my book, I couldn't focus on the words. So I logged onto WoW (big patch came out today) and ended up growling at pretty much everybody. Normally, I would be happy that Tigris joined my guild, Shields of Honor. Illidan knows I've been trying to talk him into it long enough... Anyway, after about half an hour, I decided I should probably take a nap. So I went to bed. And stared at the ceiling for about two hours. Well, at least I got some heavy-duty daydreaming in. The day wasn't entirely wasted.

It snowed again today. Of course. I've discovered snow isn't nearly as much fun without somebody to play in it with you. Snowballs fights are awesome. Throwing somebody face first into a big pile of snow is the funniest thing ever. But sculpting snow by yourself is just... bleh. People occasionally come along and say "So, whatcha doing?" and I'll say "Oh, I'm making " and they smile and nod and then move on. And it's... bleh.

So after spending a long time pretending to try to take a nap and actually just daydreaming and wondering what I'll do after this next summer, I finally got around to looking up information about Avtec. As it turns out, tuition isn't nearly as expensive as I had thought it was (try a fraction of what I'd thought it was), and I very well may be able to go there this fall. The construction program starts in late August and lasts ten months. 8:30-4:30 Monday through Friday. With luck, I might be able to talk Jewel into letting me do night security at the resort next year, so I can continue to live here. (This was my daydreaming. It may be unrealistic, but it's a happy thought.) And with a LOT of luck, I may be able to get a full scholarship. Someone told me they might because I'd be a girl in a construction program, which makes me a minority. Or a novelty. Or something.

I need to finish my book. It's about vampires. And flamethrowers. And paintball guns that shoot holy water. And when I call it "my" book, I mean it's really Rye's. My goal is to read through his entire library by the time the summer season starts again. I think I'm making good progress, considering...

And dang it, Brian needs to finish the Dragon Bone Chair series. I hear it's outstanding, and it's four 1200-page books long, and Brian's on about page 300 of the first one. And he's had it since early September, I believe. At that rate, I'll finish Rye's library, and my library, and every book in the community library before Brian finishes those four books! (Our dinky little community library doesn't seem to have grown any since last year. The whole library still has like three bookshelves.)

That being said, I'm going to go to bed before I pass out on my keyboard. (And watch, an hour from now I'll be back up because I still won't be able to sleep.) And by the way, in case you were wondering, which of course you were... in the fight that is pirates vs ninjas, I side with the ninja. Ninja = full of awesome. Pirates = suck. 'Nuff said. (Though a pirate accent is, admittedly, more fun to imitate than a ninja accent, since ninjas have to take a vow of silence or run themselves through with a katana.) Oh, yeah, and Naruto ninjas != ninjas. Ninjas = awesome. Naruto ninjas = over-powered children. Nothing against Naruto, I mean. It's a great show. But it's a different kind of ninja. Just like Santa Claus elves != Tolkien elves.

That's all. Really.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Rise and shining, Mr. Alex!

It's really frustrating trying to write a song when it never sounds like you want it to sound. "Play a sunset," Allen told me forever ago. And it never sounds like a sunset. Occasionally, I'll come up with something that sounds pretty... but it's not a sunset, so I never bother developing it or writing it down. I spent a while trying today, with the help of my friend Gohrlach. Gohr's a frikkin' amazing musician. No I don't think he's German. But he can turn into a tree, sometimes. If he's wearing the right dress.

Anyway, I still haven't come up with a sunset. Gohr tried to help by writing a song called As Twilight Falls, which he uploaded to his Soundclick page. He wrote it in like half an hour. I'm jealous. And impressed. And amazed. And WOW I wish I were half the musician he is.

But jealousy gets you nowhere, so meh. I suppose I can do like the ancient people: kill him and eat his brain, and then I'll get his knowledge. But that wouldn't be very nice of me, would it? Okay, okay, I'll put the knife away.

Speaking of knives, which of course we were, I sliced my thumb open. Again. I'm so bad at this whole whittling thing. I think my knife needs to be sharpened. Yeah, that's it.

Oh oh oh oh oh!!! I got groceries today!!! That's exciting! I haven't had real groceries in... in... maybe I shouldn't be admitting this to my mother...

So! Update on picture status! I have definitely (not) gone outside and taken boatloads of pictures of all the snow. And the snow cat I sculpted at the base of my porch. I strategically positioned it in such a way that the snow falling off the roof would bury it so no one could see it. Unfortunately, NOW the snow doesn't seem to want to fall off the roof anymore. Maybe I should go up there with a snow shovel and help it a little bit.

Beth loaned me some comics to read. They're very good--I've never read comics before (cartoon strips don't count). But there's one thing that slows me down to the point where I STILL haven't finished reading them. That is the tape. Each comic is in a little plastic sleeve to protect the pages from damage and stuff, and the plastic sleeve is taped shut. And I can't for the life of me loosen the tape without fighting with it. Especially if there are two pieces of tape, one on each side. Oh jeepers, I spent like ten minutes fighting to get one of those open. I'd carefully get the tape off the left side, then try to get the right side up, and the left side would fall back down and stick. So I'd have to go back and work on that and then the right side fell down and stuck again. Rawr!

I could continue to babble, but I think I'll resist. I have to--I mean, get to--work tomorrow. Morning. Meaning, I go in, wipe down a sink or two in the front office bathrooms, call up the one lady in the resort to ask if she wants in-house, pull the rags out of the dryer, and go home. Strenuous, I know. Maybe I should track down Jewel and ask if there's any chance I can work in grounds next summer. Play with lawn-mowers and buzz saws, instead of vacuum cleaners and toilet brushes. Who knows, maybe I'll even be a little healthier if I get more sun and exercise. I'm not unhealthy, but I'm in wimpy shape right now. And pale as a ghost.

Speaking of pale, ya know what's weird? I was playing in Photoshop the other day, morphing a picture of myself into a demon (it didn't turn out well, so I'm not uploading the picture), but I discovered something interesting. Apparently, my eyes are greenish-grey, not blue, like I'd always thought. I mean, I used the eyedrop tool to get my eye color, at one point, and instead of being a pale shade of blue, the HSB bar clearly indicated that it was a greyish shade of green. No matter which part of my iris I pulled the color from.

Anyway. Okay, I'm going for reals now. Toodles!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

For reals

I burned my finger the other day by trying to unscrew a burnt-out lightbulb. How was I supposed to know it was still hot?? Anyway, it's not badly burned--there's not even a mark on it. But the skin feels oddly smooth and soft there. Maybe I burned off part of my fingerprint or something. That would be useful for next time I try to rob a bank or something.

It's snowing again. Some of the flakes are as big as golf balls, and the snow's probably at least six inches deep. I guess I'll have to go take some pictures for you poor people that haven't seen snow yet this year. And I learned something important yesterday. Never walk under a tree when there's snow on it and you're with someone who likes to pick on you. They'll kick the trunk or shake the branches and then run away, leaving the snow on the lower branches to shower down all over you and go down the back of your shirt when you duck your head to keep it out of your face. Very important lesson. Never forget it.

Now I've spent the last five minutes staring out the window trying to think of what to write next. Um... The thought has come to my mind that... my room smells funny. Like dirty feet, maybe. Maybe I should find a better place to store my dirty socks than the floor. Oh, that's weird. My dirty socks don't actually smell that bad. Maybe it's just my feet. Well, now the window's open, so maybe I should get a jacket. And maybe I should put my shoes on. Wow, this breeze is actually feeling pretty good. My hands have been clammy for the better part of the morning. Weird. Sweaty hands was always my sister's problem. My problem was cold hands. Big difference there. Geez it smells bad in here, what's the deal? Has my rambling confused you yet? Good. Then maybe I'll go clean up my room and see if I can't find the source of this smell. Heck, maybe I'll even go get Simple Green and a vacuum and clean up for reals.


Friday, November 9, 2007

Shade down!

Another announcement! Shields of Honor downed Shade of Aran tonight! Another guild first, woot! Netherspite is next.

My fingers are finally healing. Yay that! And, oh, I insulted my boss's boss's boss to his face today and got away with it. Because I'm that cool. Well, okay, it wasn't really insulting. Teasing would be a more accurate word. Anywho, yeah. Apparently if everyone at work played Are You Smarter Than a Fifth-Grader, people bet that I would do remarkably well. Presumably because I'm younger and can remember fifth grade better. Chris says Rye and I shouldn't be allowed to be on a team together. That's because we're just too smart for our own good. Only smart people are housekeepers. ...or something.

There is much left to discuss. But I think I will leave it for tomorrow. G'night.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Illhoof down! Yaaay!

First things first: Shields of Honor downed Terestian Illhoof today, WOOT!!! Guild first!

That being said...

If you could change anything about your appearance, what would it be? Personally, I would change my face. I wish my face were thinner, I wish my nose were pointier, and I wish my ears stuck out more. Yeah, you read that right. I wish my ears stuck out. I'm real good at being goofy, and it would help if I looked the part. Know what I would change most of all, though? My chin. That's the one thing I really don't like about my appearance, is my chin. My mom always called it a "cute little button chin." She has to say that. She's my mom, and she's not allowed to admit her kid looks stupid. Not goofy. Stupid.

I improved my cooking skill by one point today. My attempts at cooking glop were slightly more successful than last time.

My skin is an extraordinarily unhealthy color. Maybe I just didn't get enough sun this summer. Wonder if Jewel will let me work grounds next summer. Yay for mowing lawns five days a week! Woot! "No, we'll need you in housekeeping." Siiiigh. Someone come apply to be a housekeeper here so we have so many housekeepers that Jewel is forced to move one of us over to grounds, would you?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


I will never get used to the sound of hundreds of pounds of snow sliding off the roof and crashing to the ground outside my window. It scares me out of my skin every time!

I got an ice scraper for my car... but as I was scraping off four or five inches of snow and ice today, I wonder if I should've gotten a snow shovel instead. You can't scrape the ice off the windshield if you can't FIND the windshield.

I saw the movie Gameplan today. It was cute. I highly recommend it as a funny family movie. I think even my dad would appreciate it, though not as much as he liked Oscar.

I have some awesome friends. Others of them could be awesome... but they really need to get a life first. I'm sorry, but you're not allowed to complain about how lonely you are and how badly you need a woman if you never do anything but play video games. Go join a club or invite some friends from work over. Get a dog, for crying out loud! Why do people enjoy being miserable so much? Sometimes, I'm tempted to make a little doll for the sole purpose of smacking it around when I'm irritated with people.

Anyway... that's all for now.


Sunday, November 4, 2007


It's 4:40 in the morning, and a sudden epiphany startled me into full wakefulness. I figure I may as well write it down before I forget it.

I figured out why medieval women curtsied instead of bowed.

It was to keep their boobs from falling out of their dresses.

That's all. Toodles!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Long story

I know a lot of you don't like World of Warcraft, but this picture was just too darn cute to pass up.

So yesterday, I had planned to drive Rye up to Anchorage to visit his mother and grandmother. They live up in Eagle, which is something like a 19-hour drive away on the Highway from Hell. Rye tells horror stories about this two-lane road that's about as wide as a parking space, with cliffs on both sides, one going straight up, the other going straight down. That's not the point. Anyway!

So we heard that the road conditions were... less than ideal. When we checked 511-Alaska, it said there was two inches of snow on the road to Anchorage and they were expecting four more inches by evening. Rye told me repeatedly that if I didn't feel comfortable driving in the snow, we could forgo the trip, but I decided to go anyway. I have reasons. 1) I'm young, and therefore am going to live forever. 2) I wanted to see what my car could do and how it would handle on ice and snow. 3) I didn't want to pass up a chance to meet Rye's family. Especially given what I've heard about them. 4) I didn't have much else to do, and I thought it'd be a nice break from playing WoW, reading books, playing the piano, and putting off the few things I probably really should do.

So we left around nine thirty or so. The trip up there wasn't as bad as I had expected. It either rained or snowed the whole way up, but I went slowly and carefully and we arrived without incident.

Rye's family was a lot like I expected. His mom has 12 sled dogs, including one named Dammit and one called Horny Thing (though that nickname was given to her by Rye after she broke her chain to go a-whoring). Rye's mom, like any mother in the world, pulled out her wallet and showed me pictures of baby Rye and teenage Rye and every-age-in-between Rye. And of course, like any mother, she told him he didn't visit often enough, insisted he come in March, and insisted that I go too. I'm not sure why she invited me, but both Jan and Helen made sure to remind me no less than a half dozen times that I was more than welcome to go. I don't know if both Rye and I will be able to take that much time off in March... maybe if the Garcias are back... I really hope so, though, because dang I want to see Northern Alaska. In the winter. And fly up there in a little rickety plane held together by duct tape. Hahaha, that'd be so cool!

We went to a late lunch and an early dinner, and I stuffed myself full of so much food I thought I'd blow up, and still had enough left over that I could barely close the leftovers box. Spinach quiche for lunch and halibut sandwich for dinner. Mmmm, so good. Especially the tartar sauce on that sandwich. I don't know what they did to it, but that was undoubtedly the best tartar sauce I've ever tasted.

We left at about seven in the evening. It was already pitch-dark outside, of course (the sun sets before five), and still raining. Heavily. I really hate driving in the dark because I can't stand the headlights shining in my eyes. Especially when some idiot decides to ride my tail. And I can't see far ahead of me, and when there's oncoming traffic, I can't see at all for a few seconds and worry that a sudden curve may sneak up on me. I'm not a great driver, but at least I'm aware of that, and I'm cautious. Overly cautious, according to most people.

We didn't have too much trouble until we got partway up the mountain and it started snowing. I've driven in snow before, but nothing like that. With my brights on, the light reflected off the snow and I couldn't see anything. Without my brights on, I could see what seemed like twenty feet in front of my car and little else. Furthermore, the snow blew straight at us, gleaming in the light. You know the Windows screensaver, Flying Through Space? It looked just like that. Except I was driving. It was enormously disorienting trying to look through that to see the road, and not only did it make me enormously dizzy, but it felt like we weren't moving at all, even though we were going 35 mph. Then the road disappeared as the snow got deeper. And then the snow started tugging at the tires, and I had to fight to stay on the road, even though I wasn't entirely sure where the road was. At least there were tire tracks. Sort of.

So for about half the trip home, we went between 25 and 45 mph. If I had been driving by myself, I probably would have freaked out. But Rye talked calmly to me the whole trip, asking if I was okay, repeating over and over that if I felt at any time that it was too much, we could go back, saying "you're doing fine," keeping a watch on the side of the road in case I lost it, telling me stories... He seems used to calming people down. Maybe it's from helping with the sled dogs?

Anyway, we got all the way back safely. It took us a solid three hours, though considering the road conditions, that's pretty good time. My arms were a little sore from being so tense gripping the steering wheel... not that I was nervous, of course. I was proud of my wonderful car, though. It didn't slip or skid or anything once. And Rye said I did a good job driving in the snow. I drifted more than normal (that doesn't surprise me, though--I have problems drifting even on a sunny day on a clear road), but everything I did--turning, speeding up, slowing down, etc--was gradual and steady. According to Rye, I probably won't have any problems driving this winter. From him, that's a high compliment. Guess I passed the test. Strut strut strut.


Only one other thing to note: a historical moment happened while we were in Anchorage. I bought my first music CD. I've never actually bought a CD before, I don't think--all of mine were given to me. Or burned mixes, from music I had on the computer. I bought three of them for the trip back largely because Rye didn't seem to like any of my music. That and the music was relaxing and sort of puts me to sleep. So I got Mortal Kombat, God Shuffled His Feet (by the Crash Test Dummies), and some Chumbawumba CD. I enjoyed Crash Test Dummies, but the Chumbawumba CD disappointed me. I'd heard my brother's Chumbawumba CD--the one with Tubthumping on it--and had enjoyed just about every song on it. So I figured I would enjoy another of their CDs since it's all the same style music, right? Only... not. The CD I got was an entirely different style... the songs were slow and we found maybe one on the whole CD that had any semblance of a beat to it. Of course, I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention, because we had that one in during the worst part of the road, but still...

I had a really weird headache for most of today. Well, it was like a headache, only without the pain. I mean, I felt the pressure, and I heard the roaring kind of sound in my ears I usually hear when I get a bad headache, but it didn't hurt. Enormously distracting and uncomfortable, but it didn't hurt. I don't know what to do about something like that. Suggestions?

That's all. Toodles!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Wood Day... uh, I mean A Good Day

Today feels almost like it's been a productive day. I spent an hour or so at Grounds today, playing with wood. I found a stick while I was hiking yesterday and decided to turn it into a cane. "Why a cane?" you ask. Well, I've made a walking stick before. That's easy. You just find a good piece of wood, strip off the bark, maybe wash it when you get the chance and bam! instant walking stick. Sure, you could cut off the broken bits of wood at the top and bottom and maybe sand it down too. But it's a cinch. I haven't made a cane before. It's still a piece of cake, but it's a step up, at least. So I lugged the stick over to grounds and Tracy taught me how to use the buzzsaw and some monster sanding machine that I have decided to call the Wood Eater, since I never learned it's real term. And the monster drill. And the gorilla glue. And the palm sander. So I now have a cane sitting in a four-foot bar clamp in the corner of my room, waiting for the glue to dry, and tomorrow I'll take it out and test how sturdy it is and take some pictures.

My whittling project is coming a lot more slowly. I spent as much time shaving off bits of wood as my arms and thumbs would let me, and I still feel like I've hardly gotten anywhere. The problem is that the wood is very hard, and very splintery. I'm worried that even after I get it down to about the right size, I won't be able to shape it because the moment I try, it'll splinter all the way up. But at the speed I'm going, it'll be a week until I have even the head small enough to try shaping anyway.

However! I'm covered in wood shavings and sawdust, and my arms and thumbs ache. It's been a good day.

I'm already planning out my next project. I'm thinking a box. Maybe one with a false bottom. We'll see. A false bottom would be tricky, but also enormously fun. And everyone knows that the trickier a project is, the more satisfied you are once you're finished with it.

Saturday, October 27, 2007


My lack of cooking skill continues to surprise even me. Today I royally ruined Glop, my own creation. Burned the potatoes, undercooked the onions, and added too much oil. I really hate cooking. Why do I bother?

I have some pieces of wood that I intend to experiment with. It goes very slowly because pushing on the knife is giving my thumbs blisters. It'll probably take weeks to whittle what I have in mind, and I doubt it will look any good. But I'll post pictures when I finish, unless it's so enormously terrible that I'm ashamed to show anyone, in which case I'll probably just use the thing for firewood.

I'm starting to get sick, I think. Nothing serious--just a scratchy throat. The orange juice feels nice... for a millisecond, while I swallow. I think my voice will probably sound funny tomorrow. Oh well.

I saw Kamren and Noah and their mom at the grocery store today. Kamren's going to be Cinderella for Halloween, and Noah's going to be Batman. They're excited. Makes me wish I could take them trick-or-treating. I made their mom promise to call me up if she ever needs a baby-sitter. I wonder if she even has my number.

Safeway stopped making my favorite kind of donut. I may have mentioned this before, but it's such a tragedy that it's worth bemoaning it again. WOE IS ME!!!! What will I do without my whipped-cream-filled donuts? Wooooeeeee!!!

Okay, that's all. This post seems depressing. That's funny, because I'm actually in a pretty good mood. Hey, guess what! I got the sheet music for the Super Mario Brothers songs! They're a lot harder than I thought they would be! I mean, wow!

I took a hike up by Exit Glacier today. I didn't go very far because it was already starting to get dark when I started up the trail. But I got a good way up anyway and was pleased to discover that I'm in good enough shape to go that far, at least, without any trouble. But I still feel like a pansy, and will continue to feel like a pansy until such time as I start going to bed exhausted from hard work instead of tired from lack of movement. And pacing while reading hardly counts as movement. I think by the time I move out of this place, I'll have worn a trail in the carpet.


Well, off I go to drink orange juice and then spend a few hours trying to get to sleep. If anyone has any good methods for falling asleep, by the way, I'd love to hear them, because I can only handle so many sheep....

Friday, October 26, 2007

Ub a nabber

Here's a brief clip of conversation from my video game to show just how smart I am. "Mervyn" is me, by the way. Brian took a screenshot when I shared this particular bit of intelligence, so he's the one talking "To Mervyn."

Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Every time I type in my own blog address, I end up typing "eatling." I suppose an eatling is a little critter that's born for the sole purpose of being eaten. Or maybe a being from the planet Eat. Earthling. Eatling. Hm... hard to say, really. Maybe it's actually a verb. The progressive form of "to eatle." "Eatle," of course, would mean something like... "to burp through one's nose such that it burns." Dang, I hate when I do that. Especially in public, because people think I'm crazy when they're talking to me and I suddenly grab my face and moan.

Not that there's anything wrong with being crazy.

Monday, October 22, 2007

Snow! And another book review! Yay!

We got our first real snow two days ago. It didn't stick for more than a few short hours, but it was long enough. I can't wait to have real snow to play in! I've rarely seen snow deeper than three inches or so, and when Rye made a snow log, I about flipped out, because I'd never seen one before, though they're apparently as common as snowballs up here. I've tried making one three or four times already, but I apparently don't have a knack for it. But I'll learn. I also intend to sculpt guard dogs out of snow at the base of my porch. And maybe dig out snow caves if it gets deep enough.

It snowed again this morning. Not as deep as Saturday's snow, but it was snow. I also met Coulter's dog this morning. Coulter is a guy who works in grounds. I'd never heard him talk before today, I think. Anyway, he has a puppy, about six months old, though his shoulder is already above my knee, that he keeps locked up in his car all day. I've seen the dog in the car on occasion and felt sorry for it because what young animal would enjoy being locked up all day every day? So I met the dog this morning when he was running around in the grounds building and rough-housed with him for a few minutes before Coulter took him off to lock him up. Soft animal. I like him. Her. It.

I finally finished the Farseer Trilogy. It was just about the most depressing trilogy ever. Started out good, and just dragged you deeper and deeper into misery. I don't know whether I'd recommend it or not. I think the main reason it was so miserable, too, was because it spent a very long time talking about exactly how the main character felt about everything. It wasn't "I did this, I said that, then this happened so I did this, which caused that to happen." It was "I felt this way, so I did this, and I wasn't sure whether I should say this, that, or the other, but I decided to say that because it was the best thing to say because of these reasons, and after I said it I felt this way. I'm sure everyone else felt like this, so it didn't really surprise me that this happened. But then this happened and I felt this way, so I did this. Then, without thinking, I did that as well. I suppose that by doing that, I had caused that to happen. I suspect that the other guy was thinking this, that, and the other thing because this happened and that happened, and he said this, but I can't prove my suspicions because..." and on and on and on. Not to mention all the tragic memories and passages that had no purpose other than to make the reader feel pity or righteous anger. So I didn't like the main character very much. I thought he was whiny and annoying and foolish. I liked the minstrel and the loyal stable-hand a lot, but my favorite character, of course, was the Fool. The only parts of the book that made me actually laugh out loud were the parts that involved him. So all in all, it was a decent series, but not really an uplifting one. I probably wouldn't read it again.

On the other hand, Dave the Barbarian is a TV show I deem well worth watching. That had me giggling for a good long time Saturday. It's almost worth getting a cable splitter to hook up my TV....

Nah. Toodles!

Saturday, October 20, 2007


For the first time in pretty much ever, I felt like making cookies today. So I made some peanut butter chocolate chip cookies. They didn't turn out very good, to be honest. I mean, they're okay... but they're not great. I'm definitely not a great cook.

I want to buy some basswood and learn how to whittle. I think that would be a good winter project. Learning how to whittle. Useful, na? I already have a few designs planned out for things to whittle. Now I just have to find that place the guy at Spenard Builders said might sell me the stuff I'm looking for. Hardware Specialties, I think it was called. I hope my pocketknife is sharp enough, though I'm sure Aaron and Toby would sharpen it for me if it's not. The guys in supply could sharpen a knife so sharp that... that... um... it's really sharp. Yeah.

...It's late. I should've been asleep hours ago, but I'm not because I was making friends online. It's interesting how many friends I've got in WoW. Rye and Brian both seem to have few friends besides each other and me. But I've got so many friends that I can hardly log in now without six people all clamoring to say hi to me and ask how it's going. Brian tends to mope that I don't reply to him fast enough... but it's hard to reply to six people at once! I guess it's easy to be popular when you're a girl who plays video games. It's like being a girl in a computer science class. Fifty boys for every girl makes the girl very popular. Even if she can't cook to save her life.

Anyway. I also slept too late today. I stayed up too late last night and ended up sleeping for twelve hours. Not well, though. I haven't slept well in the last four nights. I keep having weird, and sometimes bad, dreams. I remember waking up several times to them and going back to sleep because I wanted to finish them. Last night's was some kind of murder mystery type of thing. Which is weird, because I never liked murder mysteries. I always thought they were stupid. Last night, I think I ended up dying several times. I can't remember. Anyway.

So yeah. I just realized a day or two ago that I don't honestly know whether I'm a cat person or a dog person. Some people think it's important to know, and that you have to be one or the other. That's what the lady said when I went to the pound to volunteer there. Turns out I can't volunteer because you have to be able to guarantee "Yes I will be here these hours on these days," and I can't always promise that because I never know when I'll be working and when I won't. I could probably work it out with Rye if I really wanted to. But having seen the pound, I don't really want to. If it were like the Harrisonburg pound, I probably would, but having seen it, it's not a place I'd like to spend a lot of time in. The office is the size of my bathroom, and there's two desks, a table, and several filing cabinets crammed into it. It's also poorly lit. So the overall atmosphere makes me feel crowded and almost claustrophobic.

Anyway. Yeah. Honey on sourdough bread tastes weird, I discovered yesterday.

That's all. Toodles!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bad dreams

I had the saddest dream ever last night.

I was at my parent's house, and it was Christmas time. There were a lot of people there--family, friends, and so on. Dad had just finished teaching me about windsocks, and Dianna was working on some acting thing. I was sitting in the kitchen, thinking about what to do next, and looked over to the living room and saw the piano. So I went over to play it. My roommates from last year were sitting on the piano bench, picking through the piano books and talking excitedly about each one. I tried to pick out a book, but every time I reached for one I wanted, it turned into a beginner level book--the kind with finger exercises and occasionally even songs, but no real music. Once I managed to actually pick up a book, but Jill took it from me. Finally, I got one in my hands--it wasn't the one I'd been reaching for, but it was still a good one. But suddenly, the piano was in the corner, behind the Christmas tree. So I made my way over to it, and right when I got there, I stopped, because Sean was sitting on the couch, watching the girls swarming and talking at the piano--or where the piano used to be. Remembering my manners, I asked him if he would mind if I played or if he would prefer me to go downstairs to play. He made a face and said "Downstairs. Please." So I went downstairs. My brother Allen and his friend Christian and one or two other people were sitting around the downstairs piano, but Allen took one look at me and said "Okay, everyone over there so Cathryn can play the piano!" He likes it when I play, and I think he saw the look on my face. I smiled gratefully, and everyone got out of my way really fast, and I finally got the piano. I opened my book, sat down to play... and then my alarm went off. And I never got to play the piano.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007


I don't update often enough.

I rearranged my room today. Or maybe yesterday. Yeah, it was yesterday. My bed is now higher than my waist. I have to jump to get onto it. I intend to refer to it as my perch from now on. Tweet tweet.

Now I have a lot of walking room, some of which will be got rid of tomorrow when I get a keyboard in Anchorage. At least, I intend to. No, not a computer keyboard. I already have one of those.

Not much to do at work lately. Tomorrow we have one in-house to do and that's it. Well, and cleaning the front desk bathrooms. La.

I'm going to go read now. Toodles!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Brief Book Reviews

Mom has asked that I write reviews of every book I read this winter. Actually, I'm pretty sure she thinks I should write a book review of every book I read ever. I'll write brief reviews here, but for my own reasons, not for the writing samples my mom suggested they'd be useful for. And my books focus mainly on fantasy, with some science fiction mixed in occasionally.

I reviewed the Redemption of Althalus already, and Mistborn, so first I'll write a brief review of Wizbiz. I didn't actually finish that book all the way--it was made of two or three smaller books. I read only the first, which was the first half of the book. I wasn't terribly impressed. The idea was good, but that's about all it had. The characters were stereotyped and one-dimensional, the plot wasn't terribly exciting, and the dialog was terrible. Shame, too. I really liked the idea of using magic being like writing a computer program. And it had a lot of potential.

I just finished the book Through Wolf's Eyes, by Jane Lindskold (or something like that). I would give the book an A. Maybe an A-. It's about a girl who was raised by wolves. She gets found by humans, who take her back to human civilization when she's about fifteen. I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially how it kept hopping back and forth, showing human society from a nobleman's perspective, then a peasant's perspective, then an animal's perspective. The character development was outstanding--I felt a great attachment to every character in the book, and was pleasantly surprised that they changed as they grew up, despite the fact that the book only spans a few months. (Young adults mature very fast sometimes--particularly when wars are involved.) The only thing that knocked this book down from an A+ was my own personal loathing of anything to do with politics. Firekeeper, the girl who was raised by wolves, was thought to be the lost granddaughter of the king. The king's children had all died, so his nieces and nephews and their children were all fighting over who would be the king's heir when the old man kicked the bucket. Sounds exciting, but the minute details of all the political goings-on bored me to the point that I would sometimes do little more than skim until something interesting started to happen. Since I don't feel that I missed anything vital in the book, I consider the passages I skipped to be a waste of space. However, I did thoroughly enjoy the book overall, and was pleased and surprised by the ending.

And that's all for now. Toodles!

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Top Secret

I remember one night when I was really little, and during family prayer, I begged "And please let me type really fast like Mom and Allen."

It's the little things that stick with you the longest, I guess. That memory amuses me because by now, I bet I can type faster than both of them. And I doubt divine help had much to do with it. I think it was mostly the stupid stories I wrote when I was a young teenager. My computer wouldn't run video games besides Sonic the Hedgehog and Minesweeper, so my favorite program was Microsoft Word. I spent years typing up stories, and then one day, my computer decided it hated me and wiped its own hard drive. Destroyed everything. My life's work. Tragic, really. I hate computers.

Beth's gone for six days-ish. Pity and woe! I don't think I can survive! I mean, now I get to work with just Rye. For six days. Except when I'm working by myself or taking days off... and I probably won't have a day until at least the fifth, if then. Horror!

They pick on me. Mostly Rye. Like every time I turn around lately, there's like a wall of Rye right there. Today when I was making beds with Beth, I heard something at the window. I turned around, and there was Rye's face pressed up against the glass like four inches away from me. I jumped backwards, bumped into the bed, and went flying. One of these days, I'll get surprised, instinctively go on the defensive, and punch him before I realize what I'm doing. Then I'll get in trouble. That'll suck. Plus I'll feel kind of bad if I actually hurt him.

We have such intellectual conversations at work sometimes. Today, for example, we had a lengthy conversation about Rye's butt. Rye started it. I think he just wanted to make me blush, which happens on a daily basis. Usually several times a day. Even my arms turn red. Maybe one day, when I finally get a job where I can work outside most of the time, I'll be tan enough that I don't change colors so easily. I mean, I wouldn't mind being part chameleon if I could control what colors I turn and when. But unfortunately, I can't.

Know what else? I kinda wish I could whittle. I also kinda wish I had an artistic bone in my body so that if I knew how to whittle, I might actually be able to whittle something decent. I mean, I know how to draw, but that doesn't mean I can. Make sense?

Yeah. Kay.

I should write a story again one of these days. And I mean a good story, not some make-it-up-as-you-go, inspired-by-a-random-writing-prompt story. Actually... maybe I should edit and expand this story I wrote about five years ago.... Now I look back on it, Matt and Bill show some promise as characters... once they're three-dimensionalized a little bit.


Now it's almost ten, and I have to work bright and early tomorrow. Wish I could write about today's incident at work, but it's probably some type of government secret I'm not allowed to disclose. Pity, that. You can just speculate and wonder and use your imaginations.

The end.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Let's talk about something else

Okay, I promised a blog update, so here goes...

Hm... Well, I went to Anchorage the other day. Nice relaxing drive, but shopping gives me such a bad headache it's not even funny. Shopping and watching TV both. I hate it I hate it I hate it. I intended to buy a keyboard with a pedal while I was up there, cuz wow do I miss my piano. But... well... long story short, I didn't. Maybe with luck, I'll go up again sometime before the road gets too icy for me to drive on.

There's termination dust on the mountains. It's not too far down yet, but I hear it will be next week. Oooo, excitement!

Know what else is exciting? I have pants that actually fit me! Like, they go down past my ankles, which for some reason, my last two remaining unstained, unripped pairs didn't. Furthermore, I actually have blue jeans again, and they're comfortable, and they actually look pretty good on me. At least, I think they do. Not that it really matters, I guess.

I finished the book The Redemption of Althalus today. Very good storyline, and very witty. Unfortunately, all the characters had almost the same personality, and also, the good guys were always winning, so there was never any suspense or real danger. And the author had an annoying habit of pairing off every single character in the book without any real romantic anything. I mean, I'm really not into romance at all, but if it's going to be there, at least you should show them trying to impress each other somehow, ya know? Hero saves damsel in distress? Girl really wants guy but he's not interested so she has to find a way to get his attention? There has to be some kind of effort involved! Everything in this book was so easy for everyone. Even the romantic pairings, they were just "Oh, this guy and this girl are there. Let's pair them off." And they look at each other and it's love at first sight and poof! suddenly they're an item. How undramatic. Maybe I'm just still annoyed at the fact that people tend to forget everyone else once they find their significant other. Not that it matters. Let's talk about something else now.

I was going to go pay bills today, but turns out the place was closed when I swung by (I had some questions and figured I might as well just go in person). So instead of turning around and going home, I sat on the beach and finished reading my book. Well, it's actually Rye's book. Whatever. Interesting thing--I can actually tell whether it's high tide or low tide even from a distance. It's an acquired skill I spent forever honing. ...That's a lie. I just looked at it and said "Oh look. High tide," and then found a rock to sit on and read my book. But that's not very impressive, now, is it?

Hm... what else? Well, winter hours have started. It's very very relaxed around here. Even the people who work at the front desk laugh and joke more than I've ever heard them do. They were teasing about making prank calls to the rooms. Or housekeeping knocking on the door and asking "Is your refrigerator running?" Bahaha! That'd be great.

I want my hair to hurry up and get long again. It's at that obnoxious length right now that makes people say "Oh, your hair is so cute like that!" but that makes me say "Ugh, I hate it this length." I would just lop it off again... but I got a letter from Rusty a month ago, so I have to grow it out at least a little longer. If he starts actually writing regularly, I can't very well keep cutting it. Of course, it being Rusty...

Whatever. Let's talk about something else.

I want to build a bookshelf. Except I know that if I did, I probably wouldn't be able to get it back to Utah next year, and it'd be a shame to throw it away. Well... I guess I may be able to find someone who wants it... if I do a good job. O' course, I don't know if I even have room for one. And I'd have to build it in the grounds building or something, because if I built it in my room, I'm sure someone would complain about the noise level.

That's about all I can think of to say at this point. I hope this pacifies the masses that haven't given up checking my blog for updates periodically. Maybe sometime soon I'll start writing again. Maybe I'll even start writing stories. I should write a whole series of lint monkey stories. I kind of liked Fefnik, personally....


Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Okay, so I kind of felt like writing a story.... Just a short story, with no real point. It gave me something to do, anyway. So here you go, if you were interested in reading it. I'm not the most skilled writer because I'm out of practice, and yes, I know it's my fault. Anyway, I had someone give me an idea, and they said it had to start with the words "I wish someone had told me..." and I couldn't go back and erase or change anything.


I wish someone had told me about the pickles.

I never liked pickles to begin with. They smell horrifying and, although I've never touched one to my tongue, probably taste worse. They look awful, with their slimy, warty, sickly-green skin. The green juice in pickle jars always makes me wonder just what sort of animal has urinated in it, and what it had been drinking beforehand. Just the sound of the word “pickle” is enough to make me cringe in disgust.

Fortunately, it's not a problem I commonly face. When I buy a cheeseburger, of course, I always have to make sure to ask if it comes with pickles, and if so, could they kindly be removed. Other than that, pickles don't play a large part in today's society. I worry about them about as much as you might worry about suddenly being struck in the face by a particularly large cow patty filled with Chap-stick tubes. Well, maybe I worry a little more than that, but you see my point, I hope.

So when I started my karate lessons, the thought of pickles was about as far from my mind as a flying cantaloupe on Mars. I mean, okay, maybe I did have occasional nightmares of nunchakus with pickles instead of wood, but who doesn't, ya know?

My karate instructor, Sensei Getz, told me over and over that I had to toughen up. “What are you made of, jelly?” he would roar at me while I did weak kattas. “That didn't sound like a yell to me!” he would tell me as I punched the air. “Repeat after me: AAAAIYY!!!!!!!”

“Aiy!” I tried, punching my fist into the air.


“Aiy,” I repeated, punching with the other hand.

Sensei Getz positioned himself right in front of me and punched, stopping his fist an inch from my nose. “AAAAAIYYYYY!!!!!!!!”

I jumped backwards and fell on my rear. Sensei roared with laughter. “Get up, boy, and put more spirit into it!” He turned on his heel and left me to my practice.

The next day, my weak yell hadn't improved much. Sensei tried screaming at me. He tried pummeling me. He tried humiliating me. But my yelling didn't improve. I just plain didn't see the point of yelling while punching my fist into empty air.

Friday morning, Sensei came into the dojo and walked straight over to me. Looking me in the eye, he said, “What makes you want to scream, boy?”

Sighing inwardly, I tried not to look as annoyed about his persistence as I felt. “Sir?”

“Are you scared of spiders?”

“Uh... no, sir.”

“Hm. Snakes?”

“No, sir.”


“No, sir.”

He gave me a disappointed look. “What disgusts you, boy? What is the most revolting thing you can imagine? What makes you want to shudder and retch just by thinking about it?”

“The thought of you ever getting married, sir.”

That comment earned me fifty laps around the dojo, but it was totally worth the stunned expression on the sensei's face. It took me all of practice to finish those laps, and by the time I had finished and collapsed in a red-faced, panting heap at my mother's feet, the other students had been gone for over an hour, leaving my mom and the sensei to “talk.”

To my surprise, Mom didn't say anything about my mouthiness on the way home, or that evening, or even the next morning. I knew better than to breach the subject myself, of course, so I just pretended nothing had happened as well as I could with muscles that screamed in pain from all running too much.

It was several days before I was mobile enough to make it to karate practice. I stumbled in late, having hastily put on my gee and the white belt with two yellow stripes on the end symbolizing my completion of the two beginner's kattas. All the other students were already at work by the balance bar, strengthening their kicks.

The sensei had obviously decided I was a special case. An evil grin spread across his face when he saw me. He made me do twenty push-ups for being late, and then dragged me to the back of the room with him.

“Ten punches. Now!” he ordered.

“Yes, sir!” I yelled. I dropped into a wide stance, hands in chamber position, and punched.

Sensei pushed me, and I fell back a step. “Yell!”

“Yes, sir!” I pulled my hand back and punched again. “Aiy!”

Sensei pushed again. “Yell!”

Punch. “Aiy!”


Punch. “Aiyy!”

Sensei shook his head. “Wait there.” He walked off, and I straightened up as I waited for him. He was back in moments, carrying a large jar of pickles.

That was five years ago. I'm now a third degree black belt. My yells can be heard three buildings away from the dojo. But to this day, they sound less like “AAAAAIYY!!!” than “EEEEWWWWW!!!”

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Why am I hungry? All the frikkin' time? I just ate three hours ago, and now my stomach won't stop growling at me, "I want spicy food, I want spicy food." Spicy?! I ate hot salsa for breakfast this morning! Isn't that enough spicy for one day??? But nooo! "I want those jalapeno cheese rolls they have at Safeway," my stomach whines.

"Tomorrow for lunch," I promise it. "I'm done eating for today."

"But I want it noooowww!" whines my stomach.


I successfully threw my hat in a cup full of laundry soap today. As a result, I had to go without wearing my hat until I did my laundry.

...I have clean clothes now. Heh.

That's about all, I guess. Toodles!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

End of season for reals

I spent a few hours today cleaning up my room really well. It still needs to be vacuumed, but I cleaned up a lot of crap, moved Dawnee's bed out of the way a bit, wiped down some stuff, and took over Dawnee's drawers so mine aren't overly crammed. I threw away a boatload of boxes that were sitting in the middle of the floor--I don't know where they came from or why they were there.... All in all, I'd say my room looks pretty good right now. Strut strut strut.

There was another end-of-season work party today, except this time it's really the end of the season. And Dean was there. Dean is my boss's boss's boss's boss. Big important guy. Oh, yeah, and we got to eat free steaks and baked potatoes. There was free beer too, provided by housekeeping. We still have boxes upon boxes of beer people left behind this summer. Of course, I stuck with root beer because it doesn't smell like moose pee. And I didn't take a steak either because I stuffed myself too full with salad, garlic bread, and a monstrously huge baked potato while I was waiting for the steaks to cook. I haven't even seen Idaho potatoes as big as these monsters!

I spent the morning following Rye around and checking the rooms. We've got a conference of big wigs coming in, and Rye wanted to make sure the rooms were done right. Especially the room we put Dean in. We practically white-gloved that one. Wow. But since yesterday was the last day of the season, we were finished by 12:30 today. We were late to the party, but we still got plenty of food. And man, that steak was just WOW. (I didn't take one, but Laura gave me some of hers because she was in a hurry to leave for class.) It was marinated in whiskey and I don't know what else they did to it, but it was sooo goooood. I'm not even a real big steak person--I've had it maybe half a dozen times in my whole life, I think.

The people I was sitting with kept switching in and out. First I sat with Laura, then Priscilla joined us, then Laura left, then Rye came, then Priscilla left, then Tracy came, then Eric came, then Rye left, then Priscilla came back, then Tracy left... crazy-go-nuts. Eric likes to talk a lot, and he sounded a lot like Dad when he was telling me about what it's like up here in the winter. ;P I'll let you decide what that means.

I also finished reading Elantris today--finally. Now I can start reading Mistborn! Wahoo!!!!

That's all. Vanya sulie! Toodles!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Last Day of the Season... and pictures!

I really need to get rid of my facebook account. I'm getting sick of constantly getting invitations to groups I don't care about and people I've never heard of asking if we can be friends. "Hi, I was in your American Heritage class your first semester of college! Yeah, there were 2000 people in the class, but I was one of them! Let's be friends!" Uh... yeah, sure! Best buddy!

Today was the last day of the season, meaning one of the busiest days of the year. It was nice stripping out the rooms, because we moved faster than I've moved all summer. In my opinion, that's what work really should be like--real work, none of this dilly-dallying around.

There was a squirrel by the 100s this afternoon who had both his back legs broken. It was real sad--there was still nothing we could do except hope the thing doesn't die too painfully. Apparently, there's no animal shelter around here where we can take him.

Speaking of squirrels, you know what's weird? The squirrels up here aren't the gray squirrels I'm used to from Virginia. They're red squirrels, about a third the size and much much louder. I've never heard a gray squirrel make a noise, but the little red squirrels here never shut up. Not that I mind. I like squirrels.

I made Beth speechless today for nearly three solid minutes. It was frikkin' hilarious, but I'm never going to live it down now. We were folding sheets and she said they smelled good. I sniffed them and made a weird face and sniffed them again, and then smelled them in a different place, and then smelled them again until Beth said "Okay, stop sniffing the sheets!" I gave her a weird look at said, "They smell like Rye."

Man, I wish I'd had my camera! Beth gave me a reeeeeally weird look, and opened and closed her mouth a few times, and then made another weird face, and was speechless for a really long time while Priscilla giggled like a schoolgirl. Unfortunately, Beth told Rye I think he smells like a dryer sheet and now I'm never going to live it down. Even Laura found out and later mocked me.

Ah, Laura. I don't think I've ever written much about Laura. She works in grounds and is probably one of the coolest people ever. She's even less feminine than I am, she majored in Russian (I think), and is now going to school to learn to be a mechanic. She gets along famously with Beth and Rye and pops her head in occasionally to talk to us. She vents at Beth and flirts with Rye and helps Beth and Rye in their diligent attempts to corrupt me. She once asked me about my curse word vocabulary. "Crap and suck," I told her. "Bastard and damn, when I'm really mad. That's about it." "Man, we need to work on that," she told me.

After work today, the grounds people--Tracy, Eric, Frieda, and Laura--talked my ear off for about ten or fifteen minutes. Apparently, the snow berms get enormous in the winter, even in southern Alaska. Eric and Tracy say they get bigger than the RVs here, and that digging a snow cave is a piece of cake. I tried digging snow caves in the blizzard of '96 in Virginia, but two feet of snow just wasn't enough. They also say that when it warms up, rains, then freezes again, they have to break apart the snow with a chainsaw. I wonder if I could talk Jewel in to letting me help in grounds for a few hours a week to make up for the not-forty-hour weeks in the wintertime. I also wonder if anyone will object if I make snow sculpture guard dogs outside my door.

I intend to get some books about auto mechanics and other such useful stuff to learn for the winter, though knowing me, it won't actually happen. Well, it might. I'm running out of books to read in the library here, WoW is starting to get (dare I say it?) a little boring, since I spend most of my time farming gold and rep and waiting for people to join our guild so we can someday raid Karazhan, and watching TV is boring and gives me a headache because of the high-pitched squeal TVs give off. Besides, learning useful stuff is... well... useful. Maybe if I learn both auto mechanics and chemistry, I can come up with a realistic alternative to using gasoline. Apparently, there have been at least two or three that came up, but the stupid oil companies bought the patent and shelved it so they keep making money. Idiots. The ideas still required the use of oil, which is a non-renewable resource. Well, it's renewable, but it takes millions of years, so it's not really renewable. Ugh, self-serving, wasteful idiots.

Anywho. That's about all for now, I guess. I'll go ahead and upload a few pictures from Mount Marathon and a bad one of me and Laura. Vanya sulie.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

P-day... no, wait... B-day...

Happy birthday to me, I have my own room again!

First, I finally got the title for my car. Then, my coworkers threw my a birthday party, complete with flames, balloons, hot dogs, chips, fruit punch, ice cream, and a chocolate cake that had candles and said "Happy birthday Lint Monkey" on it. Sue got me some Dove chocolate (dark chocolate in various flavors--the best ever!) and Dawnee got me a box of my favorite kind of Pop-tarts: Brown sugar cinnamon!

I got my car registered and got insurance for it and everything and didn't have time for much else before Dawnee got off work. So we loaded her stuff in the car and drove up to Anchorage, where we met up with Brian, went to Dairy Queen, went to Barnes & Noble (I bought myself the book Mistborn, which is by Brandon Sanderson--the same guy who wrote Elantris), then went back to Dairy Queen for reals this time before I dropped Dawnee off at the airport.

I got a lot of phone calls today, as I expected. Being busy, I didn't even get to answer all the phone calls I got. It was good to hear from my family, though.

Oh, and pretty much EVERYONE at the resort knew it was my birthday. Even Cordi and Toby and Aaron said "Happy birthday" as soon as they saw me. I was stunned and astounded and, I must admit, flattered.

Anywho, having spent over six hours driving today, and it being 1:20 in the morning, and knowing that I have to wake up in six hours, I'm going to abandon everything else I planned on saying in favor of zonking for the night. Tomorrow I intend to clean and reorganize my room after work. La! Thrills! Maybe I'll tell you about my trek up Mt Marathon soon and upload pictures and all. If I find the time and don't drown in my books. (I wanted to buy a book called Electricity Simplified, but Brian wouldn't let me. I also wanted to get Organic Chemistry Simplified and Advanced Calculus Simplified and another Simplified book that had something to do with machines. I am such a geek.)

Toodles! Snooooore....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Short? Yeah, right.

I'm kinda tired, so I'll try to keep this short. (Yeah right!)

Hm... Well, Zac, Steven, and Lloyd are gone for the winter. It's kinda weird and quiet without them here. I miss them already. Dawnee leaves on my birthday--I'm driving her to the airport. Yeah, that's right. I said I'm driving her. You know why? Cuz I have a CAR! It's red, and I call it my Box of Awesome. Dawnee calls it my sub, which I think is funny, since earlier this summer, I was planning on spending the winter in a sub, just a different kind. I bought it from some Hawaiians, and it's pretty sweet. A lot smaller than my last car, but it's a station wagon, so it can still hold a fair amount of stuff.

Dawnee and I went to Safeway today to get chocolate milk just because we both were saying "Wow, I really want some chocolate milk right now." So we went, but it turns out there was a bottled strawberry milkshake type of thing. Even better, cuz I've been wanting a strawberry milkshake for the last like two weeks!

Rye got me a candy bar today because I ran him through BRD in World of Warcraft. Normally, I would help him for free, but I thoroughly hate BRD with its stupid dogs with stupid truesight and the stupid runners that get the stupid adds and... I'm sure this means exactly nothing to anyone except for Isepik.... Anyway, I've been keyed for Karazhan for like a month now and I still haven't gotten to even set foot inside it, and I've never been in a raid, and it's not FAIIIIIR!!! cuz I want to raid SO BAD! I've never even had an epic anything ever except for my mechanostrider, and that hardly counts because you buy it, you don't have to work for it, really. It's all because of all the stupid guild drama. I HATE guild drama! Everywhere I go, if there's people, there's drama, and it ruins EVERYTHING!

....So yeah. Anyway. I'll change subjects, since that last paragraph meant exactly nothing to most of you, I'm sure. Technically, I could keep going, since it's my blog, which I write for me, not you guys, so I can write whatever I darn well want to write. I write because it's therapeutic. Not to mention relaxing. Rusty always said--

Oh yeah, Rusty!!! Rusty's ALIVE!!! He actually wrote me a letter!!! I was so frikkin' shocked that I stood there in the back office by my mailbox and just kind of stared at the envelope in my hand for like ten minutes with my mouth hanging open before Cordi came back and asked what I was doing, and then I kinda felt stupid, but OH MY GOSH I GOT A LETTER FROM RUSTY!!!!! Guess I can't cut my hair again for a month. Longer if he actually starts writing regularly, like he promised. The little punk. And he's ALIVE! Good! That means I can KILL him for putting off writing to me for so long! Rawr!!!

....So yeah. Anyway. Heh....

I got Elantris from the library the other day to reread it because I left my copy in Utah and Elantris is still the best book ever written. I just can't get over how good it is. I mean, WOW.

Hm... so I hurt my hand like a month and a half ago, or two months, or something like that. The doctor x-rayed it and said it didn't look broken, but it was so swollen he was surprised. He gave me a splint just for comfort (which I took off twelve hours later and have refused to wear since) and told me to come back if it still hurt in a week. Apparently, sometimes broken bones don't show up right away in x-rays. I don't fully understand exactly why, but whatever. Well... it's still visibly swollen, and it still hurts if I either push it or bend my finger in a certain way. I wonder if I ought to go back. I don't think he could do much even if it is broken besides give me another frikkin' uncomfortable splint, and it's not like it's in such massive pain that it interferes with my work. I guess I'll just leave it alone and hope the swelling goes down eventually....

I need new shoes. Mine have holes in them, and my socks have a habit of getting very wet on rainy days. Of course, my shoes aren't nearly as bad as Zac's or Steven's. Steven's shoe has a hole in the side so big that sometimes he accidentally sticks his whole foot through it! And Zac's shoe has a massive hole in the toe that he eventually had to put duct tape over when Rye gave him a hard time for wearing open-toed shoes.

See, I told you I couldn't keep this short if I tried. Oh well. Anyway, I'm going to bed now because I really am tired and I have to be able to wake up in the morning when my alarm rings. Vanya sulie, melloneamin.