Saturday, August 25, 2007

Short? Yeah, right.

I'm kinda tired, so I'll try to keep this short. (Yeah right!)

Hm... Well, Zac, Steven, and Lloyd are gone for the winter. It's kinda weird and quiet without them here. I miss them already. Dawnee leaves on my birthday--I'm driving her to the airport. Yeah, that's right. I said I'm driving her. You know why? Cuz I have a CAR! It's red, and I call it my Box of Awesome. Dawnee calls it my sub, which I think is funny, since earlier this summer, I was planning on spending the winter in a sub, just a different kind. I bought it from some Hawaiians, and it's pretty sweet. A lot smaller than my last car, but it's a station wagon, so it can still hold a fair amount of stuff.

Dawnee and I went to Safeway today to get chocolate milk just because we both were saying "Wow, I really want some chocolate milk right now." So we went, but it turns out there was a bottled strawberry milkshake type of thing. Even better, cuz I've been wanting a strawberry milkshake for the last like two weeks!

Rye got me a candy bar today because I ran him through BRD in World of Warcraft. Normally, I would help him for free, but I thoroughly hate BRD with its stupid dogs with stupid truesight and the stupid runners that get the stupid adds and... I'm sure this means exactly nothing to anyone except for Isepik.... Anyway, I've been keyed for Karazhan for like a month now and I still haven't gotten to even set foot inside it, and I've never been in a raid, and it's not FAIIIIIR!!! cuz I want to raid SO BAD! I've never even had an epic anything ever except for my mechanostrider, and that hardly counts because you buy it, you don't have to work for it, really. It's all because of all the stupid guild drama. I HATE guild drama! Everywhere I go, if there's people, there's drama, and it ruins EVERYTHING!

....So yeah. Anyway. I'll change subjects, since that last paragraph meant exactly nothing to most of you, I'm sure. Technically, I could keep going, since it's my blog, which I write for me, not you guys, so I can write whatever I darn well want to write. I write because it's therapeutic. Not to mention relaxing. Rusty always said--

Oh yeah, Rusty!!! Rusty's ALIVE!!! He actually wrote me a letter!!! I was so frikkin' shocked that I stood there in the back office by my mailbox and just kind of stared at the envelope in my hand for like ten minutes with my mouth hanging open before Cordi came back and asked what I was doing, and then I kinda felt stupid, but OH MY GOSH I GOT A LETTER FROM RUSTY!!!!! Guess I can't cut my hair again for a month. Longer if he actually starts writing regularly, like he promised. The little punk. And he's ALIVE! Good! That means I can KILL him for putting off writing to me for so long! Rawr!!!

....So yeah. Anyway. Heh....

I got Elantris from the library the other day to reread it because I left my copy in Utah and Elantris is still the best book ever written. I just can't get over how good it is. I mean, WOW.

Hm... so I hurt my hand like a month and a half ago, or two months, or something like that. The doctor x-rayed it and said it didn't look broken, but it was so swollen he was surprised. He gave me a splint just for comfort (which I took off twelve hours later and have refused to wear since) and told me to come back if it still hurt in a week. Apparently, sometimes broken bones don't show up right away in x-rays. I don't fully understand exactly why, but whatever. Well... it's still visibly swollen, and it still hurts if I either push it or bend my finger in a certain way. I wonder if I ought to go back. I don't think he could do much even if it is broken besides give me another frikkin' uncomfortable splint, and it's not like it's in such massive pain that it interferes with my work. I guess I'll just leave it alone and hope the swelling goes down eventually....

I need new shoes. Mine have holes in them, and my socks have a habit of getting very wet on rainy days. Of course, my shoes aren't nearly as bad as Zac's or Steven's. Steven's shoe has a hole in the side so big that sometimes he accidentally sticks his whole foot through it! And Zac's shoe has a massive hole in the toe that he eventually had to put duct tape over when Rye gave him a hard time for wearing open-toed shoes.

See, I told you I couldn't keep this short if I tried. Oh well. Anyway, I'm going to bed now because I really am tired and I have to be able to wake up in the morning when my alarm rings. Vanya sulie, melloneamin.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Guess what!!!

Beth is back!!! Beth is back Beth is back Beth is back WOOHOO!!!! I'm stoked! Beth is back!!! Beth has been doing jury duty for the last two weeks-ish and she was gone and I totally missed her and now she's back and life is good again!!!

And it's settled. I've almost definitely become allergic to M&Ms, which frikkin' sucks. At least I didn't actually throw up this time, though. (Yet.)

I realized today that I have this talent for making people act up. Even Priscilla (who's older than my mom) and Sue (who has a 16-year-old daughter) and Rye tend to act like obnoxious teenagers when I'm around. Today was at least the second time in the last few days that Rye's gotten on to us for being too hyperactive, and I feel bad because I started it.

...Oh well, no harm done. I apologized later and Rye just laughed it off.

At work today, I was folding towels between Sue and Rye, and Rye thought it would be tremendously funny to drape towels over my head. After I had five or six towels draped across my head so I couldn't see anything, I decided to be cool and flip my head so all the towels would fall onto the counter. I threw my head forward... and smashed Sue in the head as she leaned across me to get some more towels. I was on the floor giggling hysterically for two or three solid minutes before I could stand up and apologize to Sue. It hurt really bad, but it was frikkin' hilarious!

Aaaand that's my story for today.

...YAY, Beth's back!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Who's Responsible?

Being responsible for other people sucks because everybody's always mad at you. The people you're responsible for get mad at you if you correct them or tell them anything to do, and the people above you get mad at you whenever any of your people misbehave, whether you could have prevented it or not. It's a lose-lose situation. Why would anyone ever WANT power over others?

Today I was in a group with Steven, Zac, and Nides. This morning, we were cruising, whipping out the rooms faster than a 5-man group usually does. But apparently someone had too much sugar for lunch or something, because in the afternoon, everyone just got more and more rowdy. Including me, though I didn't join in when Nides smeared lotion on Steven or when Steven dumped salad dressing on Nides or when Zac shook up a Pepsi and then opened it so it sprayed all over himself, Nides, and half of the hotel room or when Zac and Nides wrestled Steven to the bed and started beating on him. It was all in good fun and there was a lot of laughing and bad jokes, but it wasn't appropriate for the workplace. And bad Cathryn didn't do anything to prevent any of it. In fact, I just laughed it along, even when Zac looked at me and said, "Well, you're our supervisor. What are you going to do about it?"So I deserved every reprimand Rye gave me when he found out, and he only learned about a fraction of what went on today. He would've skinned us all alive if he'd been there. Sigh.

That's all for now... I think I had more I wanted to say, but I won't. The end.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

So... hot...

It should be illegal for the weather to be like it was today. Sun shining, not a cloud in the sky, and it was like 75 degrees. We just about died. Soo... frikkin'... hot... (whine whine). I can't believe people actually enjoy this kind of weather. I think my roommate is actually sitting outside trying to tan. (Frikkin' tourist girl.) Maybe it's the angle of the sun or something, but the sun feels so much hotter here. I look forward to winter when it'll be like negative thirty degrees or something. Speaking of which, I probably ought to arrange to get my crap moved. Blaaarg.

Pandora is up and running again. Yaaay! I'm listening to a song called "Check Yes or No" by George Strait right now. I like it.

I think my addiction to M&Ms has finally been broken. They don't taste nearly as good coming back up...

So anyway, it was a crazy-busy day at work today. We were going full speed, with Lloyd and I racing each other all day long. We still barely finished by five, and by afternoon break, my muscles were already seizing up.

Priscilla has an mp3 player, and it was really funny listening to her half-singing along to it all day.

My roommate and I very got into a fight at work the other day. From her point of view, I was being bossy. From my point of view, she was getting excessively defensive about everything I said. Basically, she moved an open purse to make a bed and I reminded her that's against our policy. We don't touch open bags because if something goes missing anywhere for any reason, we could get in a whole lot of trouble. I don't question the policy, I just follow it. So I told Dawnee to put the bag back and she went off on me, yelling about how I'm constantly acting like I'm her superior and she's trying to work with me, not under me. I swear, the only thing I'd ordered her to do the whole rest of the day was to stop fooling with the ashtray because we were in a hurry. And I wouldn't ever have to tell her what to do if she had listened when I was trying to train her. Sigh. I like her as a person, but I really can't stand working with her sometimes.


I helped a family build a house yesterday. Did insulation in the attic and fiberglass in the basement. I had a whole lot of fun, too! Bro Pack is a real awesome guy, cuz he's funny and smart and a little kooky. And he calls me "Champ." No one but Mr. Tratnack ever called me that. Anywho, I definitely got the insulation in the attic all over myself. Missed the floor a couple of times and sprayed it in my face. Heh-heh. Oh well.

Brian came too, but he didn't have as much fun as I did. It's not really his type of work, I guess, but he didn't have a better idea for something to do. Beth was doing jury duty and Rye had to work for her, and Brian couldn't think of anything better to do than watch more movies. As it was, we watched seven movies in the two days he was here. That's about as many as I usually watch in a year. I'm not really a big movie person.

I really miss Beth. Work isn't the same without her, and we tend to run out of sheets and towels a lot, since Rye's always running around and never finds time to do laundry. Besides, she's Beth. 'Nuff said.

We've been collecting all the alcohol people leave in their rooms, and have like twelve cases of beer. Tomorrow they're throwing a party with all the alcohol. "If you're under 21 or don't drink, bring your own beverage." I think I'll get a Mountain Dew from the vending machine, show up to get hot dogs and hamburgers, pretend to socialize, and leave before people get so drunk they get stupid. The people at the resort are awesome, but I don't want to see any of them drunk. (Fortunately, most of my friends--the housekeepers--don't drink anyway.)

Anywho... I'm going to go crash, cuz I'm frikkin' exhausted. Vanya sulie, melloneamin.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Stories of destruction. Well, not really.

I love my Leatherman. I discovered just how sharp it is today when I was cutting the tape off a box so we could flatten it. My hand slipped a little, and even though it hardly touched my finger, the knife cut my finger open and it started spurting blood. Fortunately, it was only on the box and in the trash can, and it didn't hurt much. But I was thoroughly amazed. With my last knife, I could have pushed the wrong side of the blade without cutting myself.

...speaking of pushing on the wrong side of the blade, my roommate went camping with a front desk girl a week ago and came back with an amusing story. There seems to be a requirement that to work at the front desk, your brain has to be small enough to rattle when you shake your head. They're rather thick-headed and generally not intelligent. But they are all happy and bouncy and giggly and friendly and pretty to look at. Dumb as posts, though. Anyway, so Dawnee was camping with one of the girls, and the girl asked to borrow a pocketknife. Dawnee handed the knife over and then turned away. She looked back just in time to stop the girl because she was holding the knife blade-up. "Whoa, whoa, stop top!" Dawnee said. "You're holding it upside-down. See, this is sharp. Here." And she turned the knife the right way for the girl. She turned away again, and looked back to see the girl holding it blade-up again.

I about died laughing when I heard this story. "See how this side is thinner? That means it's sharp. That means you DON'T push on it with your thumb." You have to laugh at people like that, because it's either that or let your brain explode as you try to fathom how they can be so dense. (Maybe I seem like I'm being a little harsh, but this on top of all the other dumb stuff those girls have pulled this summer is enough to prove their lack of brain functions.)

So we found some soft drinks in a room yesterday that I'd never tried before. It's called Diet Hansen's Soda. Tangerine Lime flavor. Hm, interesting. I figured I might as well drink one just for the sake of trying it, and for a diet drink, it wasn't bad. What cracks me up is reading the label on the can. No sugar. No calories. No preservatives. No sodium. No caffeine. No carbs. No aspartame. No fruit juice. What's IN it, I wonder?

It was hilarious drinking it after work, though. I was riding with Rye as he parked the van, like I do every day, and drinking my drink the way Dawnee showed me how. You poke a tiny hole in the top of the can, cover it with your finger, shake the drink up, put your mouth over the hole and take off your finger. The drink squirts right into your mouth, and it's pretty awesome. So I'd drunk maybe a quarter of the can already, and shook up the drink and held it up to my mouth for a moment, but nothing came out. I lowered the drink a little, disappointed that I hadn't shaken it enough... and it sprayed like crazy right in my face! Apparently I hadn't taken into account the amount of time it would take for the bubbles to fill the empty part of the can, but it was frikkin' hilarious! ...and I was kind of glad it was sugar free, because all I had to do was get a rag and wipe my face--it didn't leave my face all sticky.

Nides, like I said, paid up on that candy bar he owed me... but apparently he wanted to win it back because he tracked me down this morning and said "Okay, we make another bet. How many rooms you think we clean today?" Normally, I wouldn't have bet on something like that... but I knew it would make him feel better, and it was only a candy bar, and I still feel bad for being a jerk most of the summer. So I guessed 33. If he were smart, he would've guessed 32, but he guessed 31. Still a decent guess. Anyway, it was 28, so I owe Nides a candy bar now. Hahaha.

Vanya sulie, melloneamin. (And Karan, "melloneamin" means "my friends.")

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Food and stuffs

The other day, I was teaching my roommate some plate manipulation tricks (a form of juggling I learned in juggling club) outside. Dawnee was a pretty quick learner, and before long, a family started watching us out the window of their hotel room. After a while, a little girl--maybe five or six years old--came outside and started talking to us. She was very outgoing for a little girl talking to adults (if you could call us that), and I offered to teach her how to play. Of course, her hands were too small, and she just dropped the plate over and over, but she was decent for a kid her age.

"Wow," I said. "You're really good at this!"

"Uh-huh!" she said matter-of-factly. "I'm also really good at spelling and math, and I like to eat fruits and vegetables."

"Really? What's your favorite fruit?"

"Um... um... I like papayas. And starfruit. And my favorite vegetable is asparagus!" are frikkin' hilarious.

Nides actually payed up on the candy bar he owes me. And we found some brownies in a room yesterday, so they were free game today. Mmmmm, brownies! I love brownies.

Brian's coming to visit soon, and he's bringing me a working power supply--a pretty good one, too, and for a decent price. And apparently he's going to be having a barbecue. Woot! Free food! I'm there!

So... I was looking in to buying a pick-up truck and found one I thought about buying. When I called up the person who was selling it, it turned out to be a guy I know. He worked at the resort last year. We took the truck around, but it turned out to be a stick-shift, which I know how to drive, theoretically, but I haven't driven them enough to be able to do it well. So it was more of a driving lesson than anything. This is such a small town, though. It's frikkin' hilarious.

I've decided I'm definitely going to stay here for the winter. I need to call up the King and Queen and make arrangements with them to have Allen take my crap off their hands and drive it to Virginia. Mom is absolutely furious, and Dad's disappointed, but I stand by my decision. People up here mostly seem glad that I'm staying, but when they ask if I'm excited, I can't get up very much enthusiasm because I know how much it's hurting my parents. I really do want to stay here more than anything--yes, I've thought about the consequences and all my other options--but it's hard to be excited about it when I know that my actions are causing my mom to cry herself to sleep at night. Durn it, woman, get over it already so I can have my fun!

Oh well. I'll get over it. As Allen said: "Why let other people decide how you feel?"

Dawnee taught me another song on the guitar. It was fairly hard, and different from any song I've ever played before (I've never hammered the guitar before). The funniest thing about it, though, was that after I'd worked at it for a while, Dawnee had me play the song she taught me a while ago that I was having trouble with... and it was so frikkin' easy all of a sudden! Oh, and the second-funniest thing about this new song is that I don't know the words, I hardly know the tune, and I don't know the name. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

I've come up with an idea for the background of a sci-fi story. If I could come up with a plot and characters, I could probably write a really good story. Maybe someday, na? Heh.

That's all for now. Vanya sulie, melloneamin. And Karana, you hit the nail on the head, by the way. Yes that is Tolkien's elvish. Elven. Whatever. Toodles!

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

You can't write if you have nothing to say

I once had a friend who told me, "You can't write if you have nothing to say." I thought about it for a moment and then said, "Yeah, that makes sense." But then she shook her head and said, "It's a myth." When I gave her a questioning look, she told me that you can write "Nothing nothing nothing nothing" until you think of something to say.

While I was working today, the thought crossed my mind that I should probably start writing my blog again. It lets me get my thoughts down, and when I'm grumpy, it's easier to force myself to redirect my thoughts when I'm typing them out. But I realized I had nothing to say. Then I remembered what Kathy told me years ago. That led me to thinking about how I felt like it was a horrible tragedy when I was told, in the voice of someone giving the news that a close friend has died, that Kathy wasn't coming to church anymore. Then I thought about what people would say if I decided not to be LDS anymore. I thought about all the various people I've looked up to and why. I practically wrote a novel in my mind as I worked today. And it all started with the words "You can't write if you have nothing to say." Funny things, memories are.

Anyway, I'm now going to discard all the introspective and deep thoughts that occupied my mind all day. (It was very quiet at work today. No hard feelings or stress or anything--we just kind of worked in companionable silence. I thought it was pretty relaxing.) I have some stories for your entertainment.

I was doing in-house with Nides and Steven the other day. It was getting toward the end of the day, and in one of the last rooms, Nides said, "Oh, these people are checking out today." I told him, "No they're not," because it was past check-out time, so even if they were going to check out a day or three early, they would've had to be out already. But for some reason unbeknownst to me, Nides flat-out insisted "No! They are checking out today!" Getting fed up, I said, "Nides, I will bet you twenty dollars that they don't check out today!" He said, "No no, not bet that much. I will bet you a soda. Or maybe a candy bar. If they don't check out today, I will buy you a candy bar. If they do check out today, you will buy me a candy bar. But you will lose."

Nides owes me a candy bar.

We've had a lot of fun lately, pretending to beat each other up at work. I guess it's Steven's fault. He and Nides pretend to punch each other in the face and then mock each other for not having quick enough reflexes. Then there was the time when Nides was talking to me about how he would watch movies with me and Beth and Rye but he doesn't like that kind of movie but he's happy that we're happy blah blah and while he was in the middle of a sentence, Steven picked up a pillow and hit him in the face with it. It was the most awesome thing ever!

Another time, Zac found some pennies in a room. Nides collects all the heads-up pennies we find (but only if they're heads-up), so Zac went into the bathroom to put them in various places in the bathroom for Nides to find while he was cleaning. To play a trick on Zac, I closed the bathroom door and blocked it with my foot so he couldn't get out. But Zac didn't try, and a few seconds later, Nides came into the room.

"What are you doing? Did you lock Zac in there?" he asked. "You can't block the door--you're not strong like Steven. He will get out."

"No, I'll keep him in there. You just watch this, Nides. I'm strong." We waited, but Zac didn't even turn the doorhandle. Nides and I both sat and watched the door for a while and then it slowly dawned on me why Zac wasn't pushing on the door. I laughed and stepped away from the door. "Gotcha, Nides! Zac's not even really in there. He went to the van for more sheets."

Nides laughed and said "Awww, you got me! You're funny!" He opened the door, and-

"BOO!!!" yelled Zac, jumping out.

Nides nearly jumped through the roof and then collapsed on the floor panting. The rest of us were cracking up, holding on to various pieces of furniture for support as we laughed at poor Nides. After that, we did something similar in every single room, and Nides fell for it every single time. It was awesome! I have to admit that despite my initial intense dislike for Nides, he really is fun to be around sometimes. In other words, I was wrong and I'm sorry.

I was dusting today and discovered a large dark smear on the wall. At first, I thought it was a mosquito someone had smashed. When I got closer, though, I realized it was WAY too big, even for an enormous mosquito that had just finished sucking itself full-to-bursting with someone's blood. Then I thought maybe it was bloody boogers someone had wiped across the wall. But after I scrubbed it off the wall, I smelled it. It was poo. Definitely poo. Probably from a human. A couple of us offered some theories about how poo got wiped on the wall. Ah, the mysteries of life.

Vanya sulie!