Monday, December 31, 2007

Blah blah blah

The other day, I got a phone call from girl-from-grounds five seconds before my alarm went off saying "You're late! What's wrong with you?" That's such a mean thing to do to Lint Monkey in the morning!

Then I had to clean kitchens all day and almost every room had dirty dishes. Silly people, they're supposed to do their dishes before they leave, and they definitely left crap caked on the dishes. Bleeeh. So seven hours, no lunch, and I was really hungry by the time I got home.

I was parking the van the other day, and when I tapped the brakes, all the snow from the top of the van (about six inches of it) fell forward and crashed in front of the van. I just kind of sat and watched it all cascade down the windshield and then said "Hm... don't think I can drive over THAT pile of snow." And then I did anyway. So I parked the van, and as I was locking it up, the wind blew my hat off my head. I started to run after it, then realized that I was running on ice, which isn't exactly a great idea. Especially since I wasn't even wearing my cleats. So I tried to stop, but I went sliding after the hat anyway because, well... ice. It was pretty cool. I had to chase my hat halfway across the resort, too. Pretty funny.

Tomorrow is going to be such a loooong day... zomg.... and when we were doing in-house in one of the cabins, we noticed one of them had the dresser hidden beneath like fifty enormous bottles of various kinds of alcohol. I forgot that New Years' Eve is See-how-drunk-we-can-get Night. Geez I hope we don't have to clean up barf tomorrow... I hate cleaning up barf.

Man... walking to work was fun today... I usually trudge a path through the snow to get to the lobby, and today, the snow was about up to my knees. It's actually kinda hard to tell exactly how deep the snow is, because in some places, it looks like it's only maybe four inches deep, and in other places, it's like a foot and a half or so. That's not counting the four-foot piles that fall off the roof, or the piles where the snowplows dump snow.

Now I'm bored and want to get out of my computer chair for a bit. So I'm going to go do something else. And my camera is broken. Woe. I'll have to buy a new one. Spending lots of money, for the lose!

Friday, December 28, 2007


I've been meaning to update my blog for the last three days or so, and I keep forgetting. Well, no, it's because I keep falling asleep early. At least I wake up early, too, though. Better than falling asleep early and waking up late. If I did that, though, I would claim I was just hibernating. Yeah, that's it.

So, a couple of days ago, I decided my room was disgusting and I should probably clean it. So I did. It took the better part of six hours. Picking it up wasn't too bad--I do pick my room up periodically. No, I went to the front desk and got powerful chemicals and a vacuum cleaner and scrubbed my room top to bottom. It was really gross. And my microwave looked and smelled like someone had thrown up in it. Ewwwww. So now it's all clean, and every time I start to get up from my computer, I have to do a double-take before I remember that yes, indeed, I AM in my own room. Well, maybe it's not my "own," since technically, it belongs to the resort, but you know what I mean!

My favorite part of my job, I think, is making children's beds. You can usually tell because they have toys and stuffed animals and blankets with pictures of Batman or Cinderella or Power Rangers or My Little Ponies. Maybe it's weird of me, but I usually put a little more effort into making kids' beds... I arrange the stuffed animals, or tuck them in... and Rye just about rolled his eyes out of his head the time when he folded a blanket with pictures of Disney princesses on it and I refolded it so the princesses were on the outside.

Today, there were some adorable little kids in cabin two... one girl, maybe four or five years old, was clutching this stuffed seal that was as big as she was. She and a little boy about two kept talking to me while I was talking to their mom, and every time I looked down at them, their eyes would get wide and they'd hide behind Mom's legs.

Changing subjects! I'm such an airhead sometimes that it's not even funny. Yes it is. It's hilariously funny. At work, they keep bugging me to wear gloves. "It's cold." "Your hands will stick to the doorhandles." "You'll get frostbite." So finally, I got two pairs of gloves. Two days ago, I wore one pair in to work. It seemed like every thirty seconds, I would stop, turn around, and say "Where did I put my gloves?" At the end of the day, I left them in the housekeeping van. At least, I think that's where I left them. So I'm stuck with my other pair of gloves until the next time we use the van. So today, I wore my other pair of gloves. And yes. I lost them. Lucky me, Beth gave me yet another pair of gloves... they're not snowboarding gloves like the two I lost, but they actually fit me, which is thoroughly amazing in and of itself. (I have freakishly large hands and have always had problems finding fitting gloves.) Maybe I'll be able to keep this pair.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Amin n'rangwa edanea

It being Christmas, I should probably post some thoughtful, religious contemplation of the meaning of the season. Then I should probably turn on some Christmas music and read the scriptures and maybe go out and do something nice for other people. Or... I could sit in front of my computer and babble about nothing whatsoever.

I like to pretend I'm good at what I do? What do I do, you ask? I kill plants. I mean, honestly... who can kill a spider fern? They're supposed to be indestructible! Granted, it's not dead yet... but it's getting there. Definitely getting there. And yes, I do water it!

I should cut my bangs. They're a good two inches past where I normally like them. But I'm very lazy.

Oh oh oh! My mommy sent me a cabinetmaking textbook! :D Joyous! I already finished the first unit and was going to start the second one when I decided to update my blog instead. That's not true. I decided to take a shower instead, and then I watered Maxxy and realized she was sick and then I checked outside to see if it was snowing again and then I sat down at my computer and decided to update my blog. I might have missed a few things too, but you get the point.


Chocolate milk in cereal makes for a very thick cereal. Almost thick enough to make you gag. I think I learned that once, too. Silly Lint Monkey. I should've known that. Want chocolate milk? Use normal milk and chocolate cereal.

You know what I want? Ton-- I mean, cookies. Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies. Yummy...

I should take the trash out. Sometime. Maybe not now. I'm comfortable. And maybe when I log onto WoW, my brother or sister will be playing. Bryan, you need to get WoW and play on Kael'Thas server, d'Arvit! Oh, and everyone needs to read the Artemis Fowl books, because they're very good. That is all.

And remember: Uuma ma’ ten’ rashwe, ta tuluva a’ lle.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Yay snow!

If you can help it, never ever ever ever ever use a round table as a computer desk, because it's killer on your wrists.

I got bored yesterday, so I built a Calvin and Hobbes style snowman scene on Rye's car. Built a large mutant that, originally, was going to be biting the heads off of little snowmen while other little snowmen ran in terror. ...Then I realized that if a guest saw that and got offended, there would be trouble (just wait till they see the stuffed teddy hanging from a hangman's noose in the housekeeping van). So instead, I just had the mutant eating a plate of snowballs. Boring, but what can you do? Well, okay, if I'd given it more time and effort, I may have been able to come up with something more creative.

Lief and Aaron pulled a better prank. They buried Tyler's car completely in snow. When they finished, you couldn't tell there was a car there at all--it just looked like the pile of snow that snowplows push off the road. Rye and I saw Tyler out there scratching his head over it as we drove past this afternoon, and we pretty much cracked up.

I love this place!

By the way, in case you ever happen to be in Alaska for a winter, I have a very important tip for you. Never, never, never ever ever get in a snowball fight with an Alaskan and expect to win. Rye and I had another snowball fight at work today. I got in a few good shots on him... but I came in covered head to toe in snow from where I tried to run, slipped, and somersaulted. Actually, it's pretty fun somersaulting in a foot of snow, until it goes down the back of your tucked-in shirt.

So it's finally snowing, and I get a white Christmas after all! Woohoo!!! Apparently, the weather report is calling for snow for the next ten days or so. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited! I want to see at least three feet of snow! And then I want to dig a complex snow cave system all around the resort! And then I want to hole up inside with a big cup of hot chocolate.

Hm... weird thing... I would swear I'm gaining weight... I mean, I don't get nearly as much exercise as I would like... and when I look in the mirror, I would swear my face is getting rounder. But yet, my pants feel a bit looser than before, and I have to pull my belt a notch smaller than I used to. Weird. Or maybe I'm just insane. Hmm... Well, I guess I don't go through 52 ounces of M&Ms a week anymore. Maybe that would make a difference. Actually, for the most part, I don't eat too much junk food much anymore except for donuts. And donuts are more like the bread of life than junk food. Anyway, yeah, I'm shutting up now.

Tony sent me a microphone for recording music... so as soon as I figure out how to work it, I can maybe record and upload a song or two for my adoring fans. But only if you say please. Well, I'm uploading one for my brother anyway, but that's not the point.

Anyway... I'm going to go do something else now... maybe even something constructive! (Wow...)


PS - Tigris is super-cool and deserves cookies! :D!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2007


It's snowing again! Woohoo!!! We've gotten like six inches in the last two days! Joyous! It's even a good consistency for making snowballs. Rye and I had a snow fight just before coming in from work and ended up dripping snow all over the lobby.

We should also probably start taking the liquids out of the van at the end of the day.... It's hard to use Simple Green when it's frozen solid.

I got three whole Christmas cards today! Woot! Somebody loves me! :D

There was something specific I was going to write about, but now I can't remember what it was. Dangit. Hope it wasn't important. Oh geez, speaking of forgetting things, I really need to ship off my family's Christmas presents... Oops.

Uhm... yeah... hm...

That's all for now... then... I guess... Toodles!

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

That's not mint at all

We got a note at the front desk this morning that said "Room 414 smells like death." That's pretty ominous. We went to inspect the room, and I was half-afraid to go in because I very nearly expected to find a dead body lying somewhere... but no. It was just the toilet smelling bad. What's the matter with people, can't they tell death from poo? Rawr.

Rye's favorite quote of the day was when he gave me some wasabi peanut brittle that Toby made. I'm not a huge fan of wasabi... but I didn't know it was wasabi. It was green. I thought it was mint. So I bit into it, made a face, and said "That's not mint at all!" Rye just about fell on the floor laughing at me.

Sunday, December 16, 2007


Know what's interesting? When I write an essay, the introduction and the conclusion are the hardest part, because they explain what the whole essay is generally about. I never had much trouble elaborating on the points in the body of the paper, but summing it up in the introduction and especially the conclusion drove me crazy. It always sounded so lame to me. Now I'm trying to write a song, and it's exactly the opposite. I've got the chorus, which is usually the part that sums up what the song is generally about, but I'm drawing a blank for the rest of the piece.

Funny thing, though. Yesterday, I wrote what I had and thought it sounded okay, but the more I worked with it, the more I hated it until I was on the verge of trashing the whole thing. Today I went back and played it again and thought "Wow! That actually sounds kinda cool." A little simplistic, maybe, but hey, I've never written music before. Not bad for a first attempt.

Now here I am trying to work with it some more, and again, the more I stare at it, the less I like it. Oy. Cliche says I'm too hard on myself. Ya know, I think he's right.

I'll shut up now.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Writer's block

Note to self: Walking into doors does not make them open.

Writer's block is obnoxious.

I don't have anything else to say.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Gryphon Race

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Lint Monkey

Lint Monkey is going to write this post in third person because Lint Monkey feels like it. Lint Monkey is also not going to use pronouns when referring to Lint Monkey because Lint Monkey feels that would defeat the purpose of speaking in third person.

Lint Monkey feels like a horrible person because Lint Monkey forgot to call Sister of Lint Monkey on Sister of Lint Monkey's birthday. Lint Monkey would like to give Sister of Lint Monkey a big apology, an enormous hug, and a poem to make up for it. A-hem....

Roses are red, as is strawberry Jell-O,
Now you're eighteen, and so you need a fellow.
A short one or tall one, a here-catch-the-ball one,
A young one, a fat one, a torture-the-cat one...
Maybe you'd be better off with a hamster.

Happy belated birthday, Sister of Lint Monkey.

Lint Monkey got the game Portal today, but unfortunately, the game is a six gigabyte download, and Lint Monkey's monthly download limit is only two gigabytes. This distresses Lint Monkey. Fortunately, Lint Monkey has a stuffed squirrel, so all is right in the world.

Also, Sister of Lint Monkey should eat donuts. By the way. The highway. So that dirty snow will be splooshed on Sister of Lint Monkey. That way, Sister of Lint Monkey can scare away any potential boyfriends by being dirty, wet, and cold. Not to mention by eating donuts with dirty snow splooshed on them. Now Lint Monkey wonders if Sister of Lint Monkey has seen snow yet this year. Lint Monkey suspects so.

Lint Monkey will not be going home for Christmas. This makes Lint Monkey sad. Lint Monkey remembers torturing Kitty of Lint Monkey's Family last Christmas with fondness. Lint Monkey wonders whether Kitty of Lint Monkey's Family will miss Lint Monkey. Lint Monkey suspects so.

Lint Monkey had a visitor last night! Girl-from-grounds came to visit Lint Monkey in the evening, and Lint Monkey was very pleasantly surprised. Lint Monkey likes Girl-from-grounds. Lint Monkey thinks Girl-from-grounds is funny and interesting, not to mention intelligent. Lint Monkey wishes Girl-from-grounds would visit more often. Lint Monkey looks forward to when there is more snow on the ground, so Lint Monkey and Girl-from-grounds can work together to completely block the doorway to the laundry room with a solid wall of snow.

Lint Monkey is going to end this post now because it is nearly time for fresh donuts to be sold at the grocery store. Lint Monkey likes fresh donuts. Especially the kind with cream filling. So Lint Monkey will bid Readers of Lint Monkey's Blog toodles now.

Monday, December 3, 2007

That's a negative, Captain

Upon request, I came up with a wish list for those of you who feel obligated to buy stuff for me this Christmas. I'd also add that I'd like a necklace to fiddle with when I'm bored, but I'm not putting it on the list. I wouldn't trust anyone but my immediate family (parents, brothers, and sister) to pick one out for me. They know what kind of jewelry I do and don't wear. I'm really not big into jewelry, but if someone sends me a necklace I like, I'll usually wear it until it falls apart. I don't like rings and bracelets much because they get in the way and/or fall off. And I stopped wearing earrings about six months after I had my ears pierced when I accidentally ripped them painfully out of my ears for the fourteenth time.

So that's that about jewelry. Yep.

I recently realized that I complain too much. So my goal is to stop complaining entirely for a week, joking or not. I figure if I can do that, that'll kind of put me in the habit and maybe I'll be a less negative person. It's a start, at least, right? Right?

I have a friend on WoW, Tigris, that I really look up to. He has a lot he can complain about, but he's always one of the most positive people I know. In raids, when we're all dying a lot and people are arguing and getting mad, Tigris keeps cracking jokes and saying "We'll do it this time." He's had some trouble in real life too, and I know he's trying really really hard to overcome it and make his life better, even though it's hard and he's scared. I respect that a lot. I wish I knew more people like him.

The chocolate banana cream cake Rye made for the Christmas party last night was quite possibly the most delicious thing I've ever had the pleasure of putting in my mouth. The party was a whole lot of fun, actually. We hooked up a Wii to the big-screen television in the party hall and played Wii sports for a while (I beat the snot out of Rye in tennis, but couldn't do golf to save my life), then put in Rayman Raving Rabbids (or something like that). Oh my gosh that game was a hoot! (to use my mom's term.) Then we had a gift exchange--the white elephant kind where you steal people's presents. I got some fancy chocolates, which of course were stolen later. I didn't mind, though, because I can hardly tell the difference between Hershey's and Ghirardelli. I was glad someone who could appreciate them got 'em. Me, I went straight for the LED flashlight that you can clip onto the brim of your baseball cap. Dead useful for me, since I'm always wearing a baseball cap. I brought in a toy sword. It had a little trigger on it, and when you pulled the trigger, it lit up, made noises, and vibrated. Kind of a gag gift, but someone actually stole it, and the younger people (20-25 age group) seemed to love it. I didn't have any wrapping paper, or even newspaper, so I wrapped it in aluminum foil, then wrapped that completely in masking tape. Even with his pocketknife, the guy who opened it had trouble, and everyone laughed their heads off about it. I think that was the best part.

And I made some brownies, and people actually liked them! It was just store-bought brownie mix with chocolate chips added, and I didn't know when I baked them that the oven cooks 25 degrees hot... but apparently they turned out good enough that when I tried to take them home, Tracy and Freda just about trampled me to grab the last brownies. Well, that's not true... I had eaten too much and didn't want to see any more food for a week, but they still said they liked the brownies and begged to be allowed to have the leftovers since I didn't want them.

Learning experience! DiGiorno pizzas should not ever ever ever be cooked in the microwave. Ruins them. A lot. Just so ya know.

Oh, along with the LED hat-light, I also got a smelly candle. The scent is called First Snow, but it doesn't smell anything like snow. But I was cold today and decided to light it anyway. ...Okay, that's a lie, I just wanted to play with fire. And even though it smells nothing like snow, it's not too bad. And hey, flames. 'Nuff said.

It's supposed to snow this week! I'm stoked! Apparently it was too cold to snow this morning. Did you know it's possible for it to be too cold to snow?? I didn't. I just assumed anything under 32 was fair game for snow, but noooo. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me. If it's possible for it to get too cold to snow, how is there snow in places like Antarctica? I know there's snow there--you can't fool me! But hey, I didn't invent physics, I just listen to what people tell me and try to discern truth from garbage. It's hard sometimes.

Jewel says I may get to work grounds this summer... if I'm lucky and not enough people apply in grounds and a lot of people apply for housekeeping. Nothing against the housekeepers... but boy I hope I get to work in grounds! Yay for full days of mowing lawns and scrubbing guts out of the fish house! I'm hoping Hillary will come up and work here this summer so I can have a roommate who won't mind my piano taking up half the room.

Now this post is turning into a novel, so I should probably shut up and go to bed.... Toodles! And don't forget, 18 inches of snow before you can safely go snowmobiling. (PS - This next picture is of my Mervyn in his new doofy-looking armor. I think his daggers glow like Christmas lights.)

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Writing music sucks. I had finally thought I had made up a song I almost liked. It seemed a little short, but I figured with time, I could add to it and such. Well, today I realized why it was so short. I was playing what felt and sounded good, and that, of course, was taken from another composer. Yeah. I was pretty much playing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Only upbeat and with chords. That's not composing.

I helped Rye make a chocolate banana cream cake today. I measured out some water. And successfully smashed an egg yolk I was trying to separate. Mostly I just sat and watched. But at least I was spending time with a friend instead of holed up in my room, I guess.

For some reason, I'm depressed right now. Not sure why. I actually had a pretty good day. I guess I was happy up until ten minutes ago when I tried writing a song again. Maybe I just have a mental block. I think I can't write music, so of course I can't do it. Yeah, that's it. ...No, it's not. I'm not really a musician. Musicians are artists. I'm just a mathematician with good hand-eye coordination. Not that it really matters, I guess....

Meh, I should go to bed before I mope too much. Just figured I'd update for the heck of it because I haven't in a little while.

You know what was awesome today? When I went in to the front desk, there was a Christmas tree. Lights and sparklies and all. It was a plastic tree, but it was still a Christmas tree. And I got to help decorate it with the fuzzy animal keychains we sell in the gift shop. We didn't have a star to put on top (horrors!), so I took a little American flag and stuck it on top. It's a patriotic Christmas tree now!

And I can't believe it's December, and I'm in Alaska, and there's NO SNOW ON THE GROUND!!! What's the deal??? Everyone else is as shocked as I am. They say it's my fault for bringing the warm weather with me. Not fair!

Actually, it gets pretty cold. The other night, I was going to drive somewhere, but my car was so frozen solid that I couldn't get the door open. I ended up opening the trunk and crawling over the seats to turn on the car so it would heat up and thaw out.

Okay, now I really need to get to bed. Toodles!