Friday, October 31, 2008


Thanks Triscuits for the Halloween header! :D

Thursday, October 30, 2008

...and did I mention I'm attention deficit?

Me: Ugh, I've been trying to get this Latin done all week. I wanted to finish this lesson on Monday, and it's Thursday already, and it's STILL not done!
Rob: It's that hard?
Me: It's not that it's hard, it's just very tedious. The main problem is that I'll work on it for ten minutes and then think "Oo, I want to play the piano!" or "Hey, I need to look something up on the internet!" or "Hey, my phone is ringing," or "I should check my e-mail!" ...Or I just fall asleep on it.
Rob: You know how to solve that?
Me: ...turn off the piano and computer and do my Latin in a room without any distractions?
Rob: I was going to say something to the effect of confiscating your power cords.
Me: But but but... I need to get on the internet to do my Latin because I compare it to this translation I found online when I get totally stuck, and-- ooh, that reminds me, I could do it without my computer if I printed it off, and I've finally got my printer! Hang on, I'm going to go set up my printer!
Rob: No! Sit! Latin!


I did finally get the Latin done. But I'm still going to have to spend Halloween at home writing a paper. Oh hey, that reminds me, I need to make an appointment with the Writing Center! Um, I mean, yeah... paper. I need to finish up the reading for the paper so I can actually write the stupid thing. Well, hey, at least staying home means that I get to torture any trick-or-treaters we get, right?

You know, my ADD had been a lot better up until a week or two ago, and suddenly it's like all my responsibility and stay-on-taskness went on vacation to somewhere warm. Stupid. I like the cold. It wasn't even all that cold today--I don't think it even got below zero. At least not until after dark.

I made fajitas today, for the first time in ages. They turned out pretty well, despite the fact that there weren't any green peppers at the store. I tried using red, orange, and yellow instead. (Usually I use red and green.) See, Mom? Proof that I CAN cook! I just usually choose not to because it bores and frustrates me. That and today I had to spend an hour cleaning the kitchen before I could cook. I just cleaned it two or three days ago, too! It's amazing how it got THAT messy THAT fast! (And none of the four sinkfuls of dishes were mine, I swear it.) I don't really mind cleaning the kitchen, though. I kind of enjoyed the excuse to take a break from homework, and anyway, I enjoyed playing a guessing game to try and figure out just what kind of food had been on what dishes. And better to play that game while cleaning the kitchen than while cleaning the bathroom. Which reminds me, our toilet is clogged, and I should probably go find a plunger somewhere and remedy the problem. I mean, set up my printer. I mean, write my paper. I mean...

Also, I have a new Latin phrase that I'm tempted to spout at my philosophy professor next time I see him: Utinam logica falsa tuam philosophiam totam suffodiant!

Life is funny. Laugh at it.

A little while ago, I was sitting in my computer chair when I realized my bedroom door was open. For some reason, I decided that I wanted it shut. I reached over to shut the door, but it was a few inches beyond my reach. I flailed my arm around uselessly for a second, then slumped down grumpily.

At this point, an intelligent human being would either scootch their chair back six inches and shut the door, get up to shut the door, or just get over it and leave the door open. But I'm not an intelligent human being.

I looked around for a moment, then grabbed a pencil to extend my reach. Stretch. Stretch. Rats. Still another few inches.

But I couldn't give up just yet. After looking around a bit longer, I pulled out my pocketknife, stretched it out as far as it could go. Stretch. Stretch. Still about an inch away. Dangit. Nothing within easy reach that was longer than my pocketknife and wieldy enough to hold at arm's length.

So I leaned over, grabbed a pillow from off my bed, and threw it at the door. And I hit the wrong side of it. The door closed about eight inches. Just enough that now there was no WAY I could reach it to close it the rest of the way. Dangit.

Good thing I have three pillows. So I reached over and grabbed another pillow off the bed and threw it at the door as well. The door didn't latch, but now it was, at least, almost closed.

Man, I'm so smart, I told myself as I pushed back my chair and stood up to pick up the pillows and put them back on my bed.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hairy Shoes

It's a strange enough phenomenon when you're putting on your shoes and you find your hair in your shoe. I mean, seriously, when you lose a hair, how does it get in your shoe? But now I suddenly have to wonder... how the heck do you get someone ELSE'S hair in your shoe? Because I'm pretty sure the 18-inch-long hair I just pulled out of one of my hiking boots isn't mine....

In other news, Rob's dad was in town yesterday, and he took us out to Brewster's for dinner. The food was good, though next time I think I'll try something with slightly fewer jalapenos because wow. The weirdest part was that Rob's dad made no attempts whatsoever to embarrass his son. My parents have taken it upon themselves as their sworn duty to embarrass their children at every opportunity.

But Rob's dad was a cool guy. How can you not like someone who likes to smile and tell stories and jokes?

As Rob says, one down and three to go.

And now, I gotta get to class. Toodles!

Also, congrats to the Queen!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Debt Collector

Okay, I was going to be doing Latin right now, but this is too funny not to write about.

For the last week, I've missed a phone call every day while I was in class. A recording left a message saying the call was from Amco(?) Systems, a debt collector, and left a callback number. I didn't bother calling back because as far as I know, I'm not in any debt, and if it was that important, they would leave more details. It's probably just some scam or other from someone trying to get my credit card number.

Well, today, I actually managed to answer the phone when this Amco place called. And to my immense amusement, the entire phone call was the same recording as the one I've been getting in my voicemail for the last week, and the callback number wasn't the same as the number the person was calling from. (In fact, the call was from an 803 number, but the recording wanted me to call an 800 number.) So I went ahead and called the 800 number and got a recording saying my call would be recorded, and I would be transferred momentarily. I waited, and shortly thereafter, someone picked up the phone and said, "Can I speak to Timothy Redman?"

Well, that was unexpected. "Uh... sorry, say again?"

"Is Timothy Redman there? Let me speak to him."

"Um... I'm sorry, I have no idea who that is."

"Okay, thank you." And she hung up. Phone call over.

Well, darn. Ba-haha!

Oh well. I tried.

Ninjas and capos

It may be too late to start thinking about this... but I think I'm going to be a ninja for Halloween. I've already got a black shirt and black pants, though the pants are flannel-lined Carhartt's, which may be a little too bulky for a good ninja effect. I also have black pajama pants, which would work pretty well except that they'd be pretty cold. So I'm trying to figure out what else I'd need. I'm wondering if I could just get a long strip of black cloth, cut it in half, tie half of it around my waist as a sash to hold a katana or something in place, then wrap the other half around my head as a face mask (because all real ninjas wear face masks). Only I don't know if just tying it around my head would work. I might have to actually sew the mask, which is made difficult by the fact that I don't have a sewing machine. Or the time to sew anything, actually. Hm. I don't know. Anyone have any experience with ninja face masks?

In other news, this week's Sun Star articles were, if possible, even worse than last week's. In addition, we got a letter to the editor in which the author ripped apart the copy editor (that's me) for the typos on the cover of our last... several... issues. The big glaring typos on the front page of our newspaper really is a source of great embarrassment to me. Seriously, how can you overlook "Universtity" and "alumus" and "politcal" when they're in huge letters on the very front of your paper? But unfortunately, despite being the copy editor, I'm not even allowed to see the headlines or cover or even the layout of the newspaper before it gets printed. So, not surprisingly, I wasn't particularly happy with that letter to the editor. At least it didn't get printed. The guy who wrote it sent us another e-mail a few hours later saying he was a little hasty and would rather we didn't publish his letter. Oh, also, our layout manager (the girl who is responsible for the typos in the headlines) finally learned today how to use the spell check. Maybe things will start looking up now!

In funnier news, my boss used the word "douchebag" in the editorial she wrote today. Then she didn't believe me when I said it was two words... even though I had the dictionary in my hands to prove it when I mentioned it. People are funny about that kind of thing. "I know you've got proof, but I'm still not wrong!"

It was kind of a boring day, really. Ten hours of editing, interrupted for only half an hour of juggling practice because nobody showed up but me, and juggling by yourself is kind of lame. But I set a new personal record for the 3-club cascade: 620! That exactly doubles my last record. Woohoo! Now I just need to do that ten times and I can match Rob's record, yeah? I would have kept going, but two things messed me up: 1) My arms were getting tired, and 2) A song came on my Zune that I really hated, and I had to change it or start crying like a little girl who got mud on her new shoes. Well, or I could have just sucked it up, I guess. I just didn't. Darn.

Oh hey, I found a guitar capo in the snow yesterday! If I were the good person I was three years ago, I would take it to Lost and Found. But capos only cost about fifteen dollars, and I want one for if/when I get my guitar up here, so I'm going to be a bad person and keep it unless I see someone posting ads all over the place crying for his lost capo. Boy, I'm going to hell for this. Don't tell the bishop, okay?

Saturday, October 25, 2008


When I got up this morning, I decided to go to Res Life to ask if and when I'm getting a new roommate and then to the library to print off some stuff for Latin as well as some sheet music for when I get to finally set up my piano. But no one was in the office when I went, so I figured meh, forget that idea. So I walked down to the library to print off my stuff. Got all the way over there and remembered that I had seven pages to print and only sixty-five cents on my card. Printing costs ten cents a page. Darn it. So I turned around and went to the Wood Center to put more money on my card. Got all the way to the Wood Center, went up to the machine to add money onto my card, reached in my pocket... and realized I had left my student ID card in the pocket of yesterday's pair of pants.


But I did remember to bring my camera, at least, so the whole trip wasn't a waste. Just most of it. I got a few pictures for Mom, because she's been bugging me to post some more pictures lately. This is the view from just on the other side of the science building that's right outside my back door. Not bad, huh?

The next one's of a raven I saw digging in the snow. Don't ask--I just thought it would make a pretty good picture. For a 12x magnification, I thought the picture came out pretty good. I really like my camera, I've decided.

This is walking back up to my dorm. Yeah, the roads really do look like that. And people drive on them. All winter. They say when you're at a traffic light, when the light turns green, you still have to look both ways and generally count to five before going because a lot of times, people will skid right through the light.

I was talking with my roommate Sarah this afternoon and learned that she plays the flute. In fact, she even has one here... but her ex-boyfriend got really angry when she broke up with him and he ruined a lot of her stuff. Including the flute. When I saw this, I wanted to cry, even though I'm not much of a flutist. It looks like he grabbed a few random keys and ripped them up as hard as he could. Tore the holy heck out of it. That's blasphemy, that is!!!

I hate confrontations, but where a musical instrument is involved, I probably would have told him if he didn't either fix it or buy me a new flute, I'd go to the police or something. Because seriously, man, desecrating musical instruments? Not cool!

This next picture was taken on the way home from juggling practice. I noticed the snow was deep enough to somersault into, so of course, I had to do it!

Yes, my pants are totally black. Or were, before they got coated in snow.

Now, can you tell where the sidewalk ends and where the road begins?

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gravity Works

I didn't really have the time to make this video... but I made it anyway.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Exotic toys

I don't have any linguistics classes this semester, but for some reason, while I was walking home from Club Council meeting today, two ideas for big linguistic studies popped into my head. Of course, the studies will never be performed, one because it would require too much setup and the other because humanitarians would object. But it's still interesting to think about.

For the first idea, say I take 300 native speakers each of every different language I can find in the world. I move them all to some isolated country and teach them a made-up language, like Esperanto or Vulcan or Tel'Mithrim or something. I think it would be interesting to see how the language evolves over time. It stands to reason that if I took only people from Fairbanks, or only native English speakers, that the language would change to become more English-like. But if I take speakers of every different language I can find, the language can't evolve too terribly heavily toward any one specific language. However, human nature is to come up with slang and expressions and made-up words. So what would they do?

The other experiment would be--and I'm not saying this is humane in any way--taking about twenty babies from their parents as soon as they're born and raising them isolated from all people except each other. You'd have someone go in and feed them and clothe them and stuff, but the caretaker wouldn't talk to them, and would interact with them as little as possible. So the only interaction with other people the babies would have would be with each other. Every year, add twenty more newborn babies and do the same thing, but also let the older babies interact with the new ones. It would be interesting to see how their language, culture, intellect, and values develop without parents and teachers. I think they would quickly develop a language that's more complex than a simple grunt-and-point, and I think it would rely at least as much on sign language as on actual words. I also wonder how long it would take for them to develop some kind of religion.

Shame I'll never get to try either of those experiments.

Anyway, I gave a professional speech today about juggling. Unfortunately, I had to cut out about two thirds of it because it was too long, so I only got to talk about toss juggling. First thing, I'd like to publicly thank my dad because he's a genius and came up with an outstanding way for me to make my topic relevant to college students. The teacher actually complimented me on it, so I think I got a good score in that section, at least. Also, I was able to incorporate that into my speech a bit, and it helped the whole thing go more smoothly..

Fortunately or unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, my teacher was a little doped up on cold medicine when I was giving my speech, so after the first minute or so, she pretty much giggled the whole way through it. I guess because I was playing with my balls in front of the whole class. I talked about how size and weight makes a difference, and talked about which balls bounce better than others. Then when I moved on to talk about juggling torches and knives, I referred to them as "exotic toys," which I didn't even realize could be misinterpreted until my teacher nearly fell out of her chair giggling. I was tempted to interrupt myself, put my hands on my hips, and mock-indignantly say, "Professor, do you mind? I'm trying to give a professional academic speech here. If you can't control yourself, I'm going to have to ask you to leave the room until I finish."

After I finished my speech, the entire class spent about ten minutes making wisecracks about the professor making fun of my balls during my speech. I asked her, "Aren't you glad my closing statement wasn't about how it takes balls to juggle knives?" I was actually surprised when she told me I should have done that! (The girl sitting behind me said that even funnier than the fact that I kept using words like "balls" and "exotic toys" was the fact that I said them innocently, with a straight face, as if I had no idea what I was saying.)

I think I pulled off at least a B this time! At the very beginning, I was pretty nervous, but once I got into my speech, I calmed down a lot. I did drop my balls when I was showing them Factory, and lost several seconds when I had to chase them around, and to make up for that mistake, I think I also talked a little too fast. Then I stumbled over my conclusion. And I think I used the words "you" and "um" two or three times. But overall, I think I did better than last time. (It really helped that the class actually seemed interested and, yes, amused. Go figure.) And in fantastic news, I was one of the first people to go, and these speeches will take at least the next three classes to get through everyone's, so that pretty much means no homework for that class for the next week!

At juggling practice, I was assigned to be the Club Council representative, mostly because I'm the only person in juggling club who attends regularly and who doesn't have a class during the time Club Council meets. So I went to the meeting today and got drafted to be on the Club Council Organizational Committee. I was tempted to decline because I already have a lot on my plate. But for one thing, the ASUAF vice president called me by my name (even though I'd only met him once, briefly, before) and requested I do it, and how can you say no to someone who makes an effort to remember your name like that? For another thing, we were having a hard time finding anyone at all willing to do anything on the committees. My main reason, though, I think, was that it would probably look pretty good on a resume. Heh, organizational committee. Ironic, since I've always had a reputation for being pretty disorganized. Which reminds me: my room is a disaster. I should probably clean up sometime soon.

By the way, my brownie experiment turned out all right. Not quite the way I'd expected, but still all right. I don't recall if I mentioned this or not. Anyway, I made dark chocolate brownies in an 8 x 13 inch pan, cut them in half, put banana pudding on one half, set the other half of the brownies on top, then frosted it with chocolate chips that I'd melted and mixed with sweetened condensed milk and a little bit of butter. I threw it in the fridge overnight to let the banana pudding flavoring seep through the brownies a bit and to let the frosting harden. At least, that was the idea.

The next day, the banana pudding was almost completely invisible. It had soaked into the brownies a lot more than I had expected. Also, the frosting had gotten as hard as a rock, and the banana flavoring wasn't as strong as I would've liked. But it tasted pretty darn good anyway. If I ever make it again, though, I'll definitely be making some changes to my recipe.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


I actually feel like I learned something in Philosophy today! Holy cow! Someone mark the calendar!

Also, hey, remember that Latin midterm I took last week? For the sight-reading passage, I had no idea what some of the words were supposed to be, so my translation ended up being about fairy people looking for their socks? Well, I got the grade back today. I don't know what my Latin professor was thinking... but I ended up getting not just an A, but an A+. What the heck!

Not that I'm complaining. Actually, I got the grade on the way to my philosophy class, and I thought it was so funny, I told the four or five other people who were there early. No one reacted. At all. No laughs, no chuckles, no smiles, no "what the heck"s. Just silence. And then one girl said, "Why are you taking Latin?" This led to one of those conversations that went:

Girl: What are you going to do with a linguistics degree?
Me: Probably be an editor until I get bored of it, then go back to school and get a PhD and do teacher things till I get bored again and then go get a fun job like a carpenter.
Girl: You don't seem like the carpenter type.
Me: ......Why, because I don't have tattoos and bulging muscles and I don't swear enough?
Girl: No. But my husband is the head of a construction company.
Me: ....Cool. I like carpentry. It's fun.
Girl: Okay.
Me: ...Actually, even better, I could be a professional spelunker!
Girl: What the hell is that?
Me: Someone who explores caves.
Girl: Why would you want to do that?
Me: ....*sigh*

Great giggling goggles, I miss Nutty Putty Caves so bad! And Grand Caverns. And oy, I wish there were caves within fifty miles of here....

Oh well.

Saying something

Need... chapstick... so... bad...

The one thing I hate about winter. My lips dry out. My hands dry out. My face dries out. And it HURTS!

I'm enjoying the weather, though. It hasn't gotten more than maybe ten below yet, I think, but it really hasn't seemed all that cold. Well, except that time when I tried to go outside with only a short-sleeve shirt and a thin jacket. That was dumb of me. (Normally, I wear a turtleneck with a t-shirt over it, a vest over that, and a jacket over that.)

Of course, it is terribly inconvenient that you have to spend fifteen minutes or so defrosting your car before you can actually drive it anywhere. Though, speaking of driving, when Rob and I got back from Fred Meyer the other night, we saw something climbing a tree that was way bigger than the little red ground squirrels around here. We eventually found it again and neither of us could really figure out what it was. (It was dark, and it was pretty high up in the tree, okay?) Eventually, we figured it was probably a marten. How cool is that? It made a really weird noise, too. I don't think Rob heard it, but I swear I'm not crazy! Well... I am... but I mean I really did hear the noise!

Also, I find it absolutely, thoroughly, and epically hilarious that Rob knows both Care Bears and My Little Pony even better than I do. For those of you that knew me when I was four years old, that is really saying something.

I'm giving a speech about juggling, with a visual aid, on Wednesday. It's probably a good thing I'm the third person in the class to go. Doesn't give me a lot of time to get nervous.

Oh oh oh! Also, Brooke moved out today! Unfortunately, I think she technically has until the end of the week to get all the way out of here, so she left a bunch of stuff, including her little dividing wall thingy, and I'm pretty sure she'll be coming back for it. Sigh. As soon as she moves it, I'm going to set up my keyboard where her wall is. (I got a certain amount of satisfaction at hearing her tell someone she spent "120 f@#$ing dollars on that piece of @#$% wall.") I would fold it up and lean it against a wall or something, but I really don't want her coming back and trying to report me to an RA for vandalism. Especially since she spent "120 f@#$ing dollars" on it. I'll wait.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


For some reason, this has seemed like a really long weekend. Or, no, maybe just a long week in general. I made Glop on Saturday, this time with mushrooms. Saturday... or was it Friday? No. Saturday. Like, yesterday. Weird, that was just yesterday.

Work today was irritating. The layout manager reprimanded me for not writing the police reports right. Apparently, I put in too much extraneous information and made a lot of "grammatical and prepositional errors" and "nobody cares anyway, so I deleted most of your minor details to make it fit into two columns." Hey, whatever. I was just trying to copy over the reports and keep them as close to the original report as I could, like Kortnie asked me to.

I'm also not too amused at this girl trying to correct my grammar since she leaves blatant spelling errors in the headlines, which I don't get to even see before they get published, but they make me look bad, since I'm the copy editor. Also, she didn't believe me when I said "United States" can be adjectival. (I mentioned it because she asked if it was "US" or "U.S." and I said it's "U.S." when it's an adjective, and spelled out as "United States" when it's a noun.)

Of the articles I edited, the two I liked the most were the ones that the other editors sat back and viciously mocked. Also, I wasn't allowed to correct the sentence "I kept thinking - am I smell?!" because it was in quotation marks. The article was written by a foreign girl. I was correcting those kinds of mistakes all through her article, but Kortnie wouldn't let me change it to "do I smell" because it was "a quote." Frankly, I think the author just made it up for literary effect.

Okay, enough complaining about work.

Juggling practice was epic. I'm working on perfecting the tricks I currently know right now. For Rubenstein's Revenge, my record is 182 consecutive catches. For Mill's Mess, my record is 320-something. For a cascade with three clubs, 310, and for a cascade with three balls, my record is 2,171. Strut strut! Now I just need to do that twenty times and I can break a world record, yeah? :D

Abe showed up at practice with three throwing knives he had bought at the gun show. I wanted to ditch practice then and there to go buy myself throwing knives because AWESOME!!! ...But I restrained myself. I don't need to spend twenty dollars on throwing knives. I WANT to... but I don't need to.


That said, I'm going to go get some more Glop. Toodles!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Life's Little Lessons

I learned an important lesson last night. Before I ever try to do anything in the kitchen, I should probably make sure everyone has evacuated the premises!

So it was right around midnight, and I wanted some hot chocolate before going to bed. They say warm milk helps you sleep. Plus I like hot chocolate. So I heated up the milk on the stove, stirring it the whole time (it still burned on the bottom, so maybe next time I should try stirring with a spatula instead of a spoon), added the cocoa powder and some cinnamon when it was warm... Sarah happened to be up too, so I talked with her a bit and offered her some hot chocolate too.

The hot chocolate finished cooking, I poured some into a cup for her, then poured the rest into my plastic water bottle thermos... thing. No worries, the bottle didn't melt or anything, though I probably should have thought about that. No, what really happened is... the water bottle has a little pop-top thing. So I closed the top, put my thumb over it, and shook it up real good, just to mix the chocolate in a little better. Well, apparently, that was a bad idea! I guess shaking up hot stuff in a bottle builds up a lot of pressure, and after I shook it a couple of times, the lid went shooting off, and hot chocolate sprayed all over the room! I totally coated the front of Sarah's jacket, got it all in my hair, splattered the wall, the sink, the clean dishes, and even managed to splatter Sarah's textbooks and laptop on the kitchen table, a good ten feet away! It was amazing! I was so glad it was Sarah's stuff and not Brooke's, because Sarah was laughing as hard as I was, but Brooke probably would have dragged me outside and eviscerated me.

It took me over half an hour to clean up (and rewash all of the dishes), but at least by then, the hot chocolate was cool enough that I didn't burn my tongue, yeah?

That aside, I also had a meeting with my English professor today. It was supposed to be a fifteen-minute meeting in which he discussed the essay I turned in last week (it wasn't just me--everyone in the class had to do this). Well, the meeting extended for five minutes shy of an hour. Good thing I was the last one and I didn't have another class until two, eh? Basically, like all of my past English teachers, my professor said that I'm a very strong writer, I have a very distinctive voice, he thinks I should have been an English major (which I usually take as a compliment when it's said by an English professor)... but he's giving me a B- on my paper anyway because I exaggerated and misunderstood Bacevich's article. Personally, I kind of think that if I had exaggerated the exact same way but had agreed with the professor's standpoint instead of arguing with it, I could have gotten an A. So now he wants me to rewrite the paper... again.


Then philosophy class. I guess my theory about backing up our arguments was wrong. Oy, I swear, I'm just beating my head against a wall in that class. I can come home, read the material six times, feel confident I know it, then go to class and be totally lost. I really want to schedule office hours with Eduardo and ask for help--that would almost definitely help my grade. The problem with that is that to schedule office hours, you have to have specific questions, specific things you're confused about. And I don't have any idea what my problem is! Except, I suppose, that I'm just generally stupid. Okay, that's not true, but geez, that class make me feel like it.

And the class fried my brain so bad that I came home from class and fell straight to sleep until my phone woke me up five hours later. I still maintain that I was doing philosophy... just doing it lying down with my eyes closed, because I'm that darn good.

Anyway, the phone call was from Rob. Apparently, his hall was having an improv night, and he invited me to come. Woohoo, improv!!! I love improv! Kind of makes me miss the days when I was a member of Laugh Out Loud. UAF's improv team is called the Ground Squirrels Troupe or something like that. I'm tempted to join... but I'm doing too much already. I shall resist.... I shall... resist...!

Anyway, we had a lot of fun. We even got to play three-headed spelling monster. My favorite games have always been jump-up games like World's Worst. I don't know if that one was even on the game list. I should remember to mention it next time.

I was shocked and astounded to see my old high school friend Charlotte commenting on my last blog post! And hey, great suggestion about mixing the drinks; I hadn't thought of that. I got some apple juice and ginger ale, so we'll see how well those go together tomorrow when they're cold.

Oh oh oh oh oh! Also! Sarah says that Brooke's moving out this weekend! Happy happy joy joy!!! I get my own room for an indeterminate amount of time! And if they do move someone in, at least there's a chance that she'll be friendly and not act like she constantly wants to rip me apart!

Okay. I think that's all I have to say for right now. So I'll get back to my homework I neglected because I slept all afternoon. Toodles!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

576 trombones led the big parade...

Yay, done with midterms for this week! Joyous! The midterm for my speech class was actually ridiculously easy. It was two pages, multiple choice, true-false, and matching, with questions like "True or false: A good way to end your speech is by clapping your hands and saying, '...aaaand that's it.'" And in case that wasn't easy enough, it was also open-book. Nice.

And oh, by the way, we're presenting new speeches a week from today. Epic. A month to prepare for the last speech, and now a week to prepare for the next one. Not that I'm complaining. It's supposed to be an informative speech with a visual aid, so I'm going to talk about juggling. As long as I don't get so nervous I keep dropping everything, I should be golden. Also, I think I'll make an appointment with the speaking center which, theoretically, will help. Even if it doesn't, they'll tell my professor that I went and she'll probably give me a few more points for preparation.

Juggling practice this evening was funny. We started out with four people there, but first Rob left, then Abe and Monica disappeared, and then there was one. (That was me.) So I was practicing juggling clubs and started counting to see how many I could do without messing up. My record for today was 310. That's good, right? If I'm going to beat Rob's record, I only need 6,312 more catches. So then I started doing Mill's Mess, but I had trouble even getting over 200 on that. I think it's because the rhythm is different, which messes up the counting. I bet if I had someone else counting for me, I could do a lot better. Then with a typical cascade, I only managed 576. My excuse is that by then, my arms were getting tired. I'll try again first thing on Friday. Or maybe I'll wait until after Rob gets sick of helping me practice passing clubs. I bet I could at least break 1,000. On the cascade, I mean, not the passing, though I am getting a little better on that.

...A little.

By the way, I'm looking for a new drink to try. Anyone have any favorite drinks or suggestions for drinks I may not have had before?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm not wrong, because...

I have a hypothesis about my philosophy class. I don't think any student is going to get a right answer all semester. I think the reason Eduardo says we're wrong no matter what we say is because as soon as he says, "You're wrong," we say, "Oh. Darn." My hypothesis is that instead of saying "Oh," he wants us to say, "No, I'm not wrong, because..."

Bearing that in mind, I think I'll have some fun. I sure hope I'm right about this.

Also! I was talking to Sarah last night (you know, my nice roommate), and she said that Brooke talked to Residence Life yesterday about getting a room transfer and she'll probably be gone within a few weeks and almost definitely by January. Woohoo! Maybe she'll solve my problem for me! Maybe it's wrong of me... but that would make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I had happy dreams about her moving out, which were dashed when my mean old alarm clock went off this morning.

The Sun Star came out today, and hey, my name's in the newspaper three whole times! I started looking through it, and evidently, Kortnie made a lot of changes to my edits. I really don't mind too much, except there were a few instances where she changed my corrections or reworded a sentence and ended up making it wrong, which kind of makes me look bad. She did find rewordings for several sentences that I was having trouble finding a way to make less awkward, so I'm glad for that... but did she have to make a run-on sentence, or remove the em-dashes I put in to correct a list after a colon, or reword two sentences that had quotes and leave the period outside the quotation marks? Oy, how sad!

Oh well. Life sucks and then you die.

And now, on to my Latin homework!

Monday, October 13, 2008

"Midterms" Week... heh

This is going to be a stupid-busy week... Why do teachers insist on calling every single test a "midterm"? And why do teachers think their students will like them when they say "Oh, and by the way, we're going to have a midterm in two days, so be ready." Waiiiit, that wasn't on a the syllabus!

And then there's Latin, in which I only just received a letter in the mail saying "Oh, and by the way, instead of needing to finish this course by December 18th, you have to have it all done, including the final, by December 4th. Surprise! :D" ...Guess it's time to start doing two lessons a week instead of one.

Plus I need to start reinstalling programs on my computer while somehow finding a way to avoid my roommate. After all, I'd hate to tick her off by breathing too loudly.

Today was productive, though. I gave my Cookie Monster speech today, which I've been working on for about a month now. It was kind of sad... I had my speech all prepared, had my notecards ready, knew exactly what I was going to say, how I was going to say it, where I was going to smile, and so on. It came to my turn to give my speech, and I strutted up to the front of the room, trying to stay relaxed, organized my cards on the podium, and waited for the teacher to look up and motion she was ready for me to start.

Trying to stay calm, I started counting. One... two... three... four... five... six... The teacher looked up. "Okay, whenever you're ready."

I nodded, stepped forward, looked down at my cards... and completely froze up. I couldn't remember how my speech was supposed to start. I knew I wasn't supposed to read straight from the notecards. Actually, I couldn't even read the notecards, and it wasn't because of bad handwriting. In fact, I couldn't even remember how to talk, I was so nervous. So I looked up, fighting for a few seconds to remember how to give my speech, tried to make eye contact with everyone like I'm supposed to, tried to smile and ended up kind of grimacing... and then just stood there. For what seemed like hours but was probably more like twenty seconds.

When I finally managed to give the speech, it definitely didn't sound quite as good as when I was practicing it. My voice squeaked a few times, and I was visibly (and audibly) shaking the whole time, and I stopped twice, mid-sentence, from nerves. But at least I gave the darn speech! It was pretty funny, actually. The speeches were supposed to be five minutes long, give or take thirty seconds to either side. The teacher said we automatically get knocked from a 5 down to a 1 on the first competency if we're outside the time limit. My speech was five minutes and thirty seconds exactly. I wonder if she'll take off the points. Probably not.

After class, I worked on my first philosophy "midterm," then went to the CDE to take my first Latin "midterm." I was a little worried about the Latin one because I didn't get to the CDE building until almost 4:00, and it closed at 5:00. But the test only took me twenty minutes, even though I double-checked it three times. I'm fairly certain the bit about the socks and the fairy people was wrong, though. Oh well. It was funny.

Okay, well, back to work now. OpenOffice finished installing. Yaaay!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Lint Monkey vs. Roommate B

I finally got around to reformatting my computer--with help from Rob. Now I have two partitions: one for my programs and one for my files. Theoretically, that means next time I have to reformat, I'll only have to reformat the one partition and I won't lose all my data. I'd say I hope so, but that implies I don't hope I never have to reformat again. Nyuk!

Actually, it's not so bad. It's kind of nice starting with a clean slate, I guess.

Today was my first day at my new job... sort of. Well, it's an editing job, so my boss e-mails me the files as we get them, and I'm allowed to edit them from home. Since I don't have Microsoft Office on my desktop ever since the last time CompUSA reformatted my computer (rawr), I've pulled out my old laptop, Harvey, and made it my work computer. It's nice being able to work wherever and whenever I want.

Anyway, by "sort of" my first day, I mean I've been editing since Thursday, but today was my first day working in the office. Sundays are the busiest days, because that's the day when everything gets turned in at once and we have to have it all edited and laid out by evening.

So that was cool. It was funny reading articles that were written so badly that they made me want to track down the author and rip out their internal organs with a pickle fork.

Although, speaking of disemboweling people, I'm really getting tempted to do just that to my roommate. I heard her talking to Sarah the other day, discussing what time Amanda's swim meet was. They both said it was at 2:30, but Amanda had just told me an hour before that it was 12:30. So when Brooke stalked through the room, pointedly not looking in my direction, I tried to cheerfully tell her that the meet was at 12:30. She snarled at me, "GOOD FOR YOU!" and stormed off up the stairs. Impressively, she managed to snarl at me without looking in my direction.

Also, while Rob and I were reformatting my computer yesterday, Brooke kicked us out of the room because she wanted to sleep. That's perfectly fine--there's nothing wrong with that. But her attitude of "get the hell out of here, you annoying bastards" kind of annoyed me, along with the fact that when we asked for five more minutes so we could at least get the internet working so we could have it downloading updates (but not Service Pack 3) while we finished working on the laptop downstairs, she got mad and told us we could do it downstairs. ....Yeeeeah, let's move the whole desktop downstairs to finish reformatting it. Sorry, Brooke, but I think the process of moving the computer downstairs would take longer than getting the internet to work.

Then today, when I got home at ten, the bedroom lights were off (I'm in the habit of not turning them on at all if I can help it, just in case Brooke's around, although I can never see if she is because of her wall-thing) and there was a note taped to my computer screen. I took it out in the hall to read it. Basically, it ripped me apart for "leaving the lights on all night. That's what desk lamps are for. A roommate has the right to sleep at one in the morning without being kept up with lights and noise." She went on to babble about all the other things I do that annoy her, using phrases like "in accordance with the Residence Life Handbook," and finally said "If we have problems with any of these issues, I will not hesitate to speak with an RA about them. Thanks for cooperating."

I know Mom doesn't like me using the word, but that really pisses me off. My first reaction to the note was to mope. Then I was tempted to open the door, flip on all the lights, kick down her wall, drag her out of bed, and force her to talk to me about whatever petty problems she has with me instead of leaving little notes lying around. That would actually almost be fair, since Brooke and Amanda dragged me out of bed a few days ago for a "roommate meeting" in which they basically said I don't buy enough materials for the apartment and also I never clean up after myself. I actually find that last one hilarious, because I always do my dishes the moment I'm done with them, and half the time, I do all the other dishes that have piled up in the sink as well. The only times I don't do my dishes are when Rob insists on doing them. I didn't mention that, though. They didn't seem in the mood to listen to a word I said. Of course, they never do.

Anyway, yeah. I hate little notes. They basically tear you apart without giving you a chance to explain yourself, defend yourself, or even apologize. I haven't yet decided what to do about it. I'm tempted to be obstinate and start doing everything I can to annoy her without technically breaking any rules. It would be highly immature, but very satisfying nevertheless. I could apply for a room transfer, I suppose. Or I could just continue to tiptoe around her and take the crap she dishes out at me.

...Or I could hire an assassin.

I should probably think of a solution pretty quickly, though. If this keeps getting worse, I may end up snapping and losing my temper, and that can not happen.

Thursday, October 9, 2008


I made some really good hot chocolate this morning, with cream and vanilla and cinnamon. But then I burned my tongue and my throat pretty badly. Daggumit! It actually hurts pretty bad. Much worse than any of the burns I got juggling and eating fire, including the time I burnt out all my nose hairs.

Today I want to talk to you all about the dangers of kicking alligators. It's dangerous. Don't do it. That is all.

I got a message from some friends from church today. They basically demanded I bring Rob over and visit them Sunday evening. It was more of a "you will come, no excuses" than a "you're invited, if you're not too terribly busy." Heh, that's what friends are for, right?

I started to reinstall Windows on my computer... but then I couldn't remember whether I was supposed to delete the partition, create a new partition, or format the existing partition. I recall that being a relatively important decision. Meh. So I figured I'd just wait until tomorrow and ask whichever of my geek-friends I happen to see first how to do it. Actually, by tomorrow, I'll probably have like six comments, all giving me step-by-step instructions on how to reinstall Windows.

...It's nice having geeky friends. :D

Loooong day

Oy, what a rough day!

I woke up at 7:30 yesterday because I had an appointment to get my car winterized at the University Chevron. It's only about two blocks off campus. It was twenty degrees this morning, but I was dressed warmly enough, and I brought my Zune so I kept my ears warm and had music for the walk back.

I got back in plenty of time for my classes and walked down to the library to print off the outline for my speech class. Unfortunately, my file was corrupted. So I ran back up to my dorm (the library computers, for some reason, don't have Microsoft Word or, actually, any word processor as far as I can tell!) and rewrote the whole outline as fast as I could (and dang, speed-writing a bibliography is a pain!), then ran back down to the library to print it out. Again, it refused to read the file. By that time, I had completely missed my German class and I was ten minutes late to speech class, which I can't afford to miss, especially since it was a presentation day (automatic twenty point deduction for missing a presentation day). So I went to class without my homework and just talked to her after class. She was pretty nice about it and let me e-mail it to her. I definitely look forward to when my printer gets here.

From there, I went to the student government office to fill out paperwork so I can start work. But the lady wasn't there, so the people said to come back around one or two. So I went home and was going to write a quick five-minute blog post. The post ended up taking a lot longer to write than I expected because I kind of really got into it (heh). I finished right around two and walked back to campus again to get my paperwork done. I managed to catch her just as she was leaving again. She was very nice and friendly. We got to the end and she asked for my social security card to make a copy of it, and I reached in my wallet... and the card wasn't there! What the heck? I almost freaked out, because I always keep it in my wallet, but then I vaguely remembered thinking, at some point in the past "Boy, it sure is stupid of me to carry something this important around in my wallet with me all the time. Maybe I should take it out and put it somewhere safer." So I have to go back again tomorrow because I can't start until they have that. (And yes, I did find the card without any trouble, no worries.)

After feeling like a total idiot, I decided to go talk to my academic adviser. See, there's this class, Morphology, which is a 300-level class, which I'm required to take before I can graduate. I was signed up for it this semester, but the class was canceled. (I think I've mentioned this before, but it can't hurt to mention it again.) Well, I found out recently that the class is only offered in fall semesters of even years. In other words, I won't even get the chance to take this class again until 2010, long after I'm currently hoping to graduate. (I only have two semesters worth of classes left.) So I visited my academic adviser to see if either I could petition to have the class offered again sometime soon or take it correspondence or... well, anything, really. I don't want to graduate without taking morphology--it's kind of a core of linguistics, and besides, I was really looking forward to it. She looked at the schedule and said, "Hm, you're right, it's not being offered again anytime soon. I'll put in a request for you, but you know what you should do? Go ahead and take the next level of morphology. Just explain to the teacher why you couldn't take the 300-level one and he should let you in." The next level of morphology is Linguistics 604! That's a GRADUATE level class! We're not talking just graduate! We're talking second year graduate! I'm going to DIE! "Oh, it's fine, just talk to the teacher to get permission to skip taking 320, which is the prerequisite." Yeah, get PERMISSION to fail the class! Holy cow, I'm going to die!

...Well, actually, I think it's really cool. Only it'll be insane amounts of work, I expect. Plus, since they charge tuition per credit here, and more per credit for higher level classes, it'll cost me like five hundred dollars more. Grrrr.

So I walked back home, freaking out, and discovered that my computer had blue-screened yet again while I was gone. I booted it back up and decided it would really be a good time to try fixing it with the Windows disc Rob gave me a few days ago that I haven't gotten around to trying yet. But first, I wanted to back up my files. Just in case. So I started to do that, but ran out of space on my external hard drive because... well, I've backed up my computer on it about four times and every time, instead of rewriting what I already had on there, I just added on to it. So I had most of my files on there four times already. So I went through and cleaned that off and organized it and then backed everything up. Unfortunately, some of the files were corrupted, and a lot of the folders are empty, but refuse to let me delete them. Daggumit.

I got a phone call as I was doing that saying that my car was ready to be picked up, so I stopped what I was doing to walk back down to the University Chevron to get my car.

By the time I got back and finished backing up my files, it was almost six o'clock. Slightly over two hours until juggling practice. And I had about forty-five minutes of German homework, about three hours of philosophy homework, a lot of reading to do for English, and my Latin exam to study for, which I'd intended to take today because I didn't think I'd be very busy today. Ha!

...And all I really wanted to do was sleep. For some strange reason or other, my limbs suddenly felt like they each weighed half a ton. So I decided to lay down for a while. I figured if I took a nap before juggling practice, then juggling would wake me up the rest of the way and I'd be awake and sort of rested afterwards so I could stay up and get my homework done.

...Now it's two in the morning. I just woke up half an hour ago. So much for juggling practice.

Now if you'll excuse me... I really need to get started on my homework. Blaaaah.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Just because I'm crazy doesn't mean I need a psychiatrist

I never would have thought I'd appreciate having a kitchen again as much as I do. I don't like cooking much, largely because I don't have much patience for it. But after living out of a microwave for the last year and a half, it's really nice to be able to cook whatever I want whenever I want. And I really do like my occasional brownies, fajitas, and various spinach experiments (today's spinach experiment turned out fairly well, but I'll probably use less milk next time).

Also, I got the editing job at the school newspaper!!! I'm super excited! I have to go fill out paperwork and stuff today, and with any luck, I'll get to actually start work this weekend. I'm super-excited! Earning money is good--maybe this means I'll be able to afford school next semester! Yay!

It's snowing again today. I like the snow. It makes me feel all warm inside. Well, okay, it's snow, so no it doesn't... but you know what I mean.

Also, eating ice cream outside with your bare hands when it's below twenty degrees is a bad idea. Don't do it. Especially for extended periods of time. (I love saying things like that. It makes people wonder if I really am dumb enough to have tried it.)

There's this game in Facebook that I enjoy playing because it only takes about five minutes a day and makes me feel powerful. It's called Nations, and basically, you make a country and resolve political issues and occasionally pick things like national colors and stuff. Yes, I do hate politics. I loathe politics. I stay as far out of politics as I possibly can because they make me angry. But when I was a teenager, I put a lot of thought into what my country would be like if I ever became the leader of one. This Nations game is helping me develop my ideas while at the same time getting it down on paper. Well... digital paper?

First of all, I would be an unquestioned dictator. Unquestioned because if anyone questioned me, I'd sacrifice them on the spot to some god I had just invented for the sole purpose of sacrificing people to him. (He would, of course, be forgotten right after the sacrificial ceremony, which would involve lots of dancing llamas and grape jelly.)

Everyone in the country would be required to take an IQ test. Anyone scoring below 100 will be ejected from the country with a ballista. Also, those smart girls who wear girly business suits and rectangular glasses with thick rims and always act like they're smarter than everyone else? Yeah, they'll be sacrificed to some other god. Actually, goddess. The goddess of You're Not God.

Neon gel pens will be banned. Especially the orange ones. Anyone caught using, possessing, promoting, selling, or otherwise distributing them will be sentenced to death by having the pens jammed up their noses until they die from it. Same goes for toe socks. Anyway caught using, possessing, promoting, selling, or otherwise distributing toe socks will be sentenced to death by toe sock strangulation. And if that doesn't work for some reason, there will also be an active volcano nearby where I will be able to find a plethora of other ways to kill them.

Schools will be free, but if you don't go to class and do your work and try to do well, you'll be kicked out and forced to work as a janitor until you're willing to learn stuff again. Garth would be the Head Janitor of all janitors in the country. Because he's the best janitorial manager I ever had, and he's smart. Opinionated and long-winded, but very smart.

Spawn will be the Psychiatrist (the only one allowed in the country), paid to listen to people whine and then tell them to suck it up. She'll be paid in comic books and bacon.

Rye's going to teach Exaggeration and Storytelling Techniques at the university.

There will be a lot of libraries, with big reading rooms with a lot of plushy bean bags and pillows. And stuffed animals. Oh yeah, and all kids born will be issued a stuffed animal when they're born. Just because. Anyway, back to the libraries, there are two kinds of librarians. There are the librarians who wear their hair in buns and specialize in glaring and shushing people. Then there are librarians who smile a lot and know the answer to every question in the world. The first kind of librarian will be required to do stand-up comedy until they lighten up. All the real librarians in the country will be the second kind.

The national game will be Minesweeper. There will even be a field version of it. Like chess. Chess will be popular too. As in, all citizens will be required to like chess. Or else.

Cars won't exist. Same as trucks. They're dirty and require a lot of maintenance. Not to mention paved roads. And gas stations. Blah. Instead, everyone will ride unicycles. Bicycles are acceptable too. And little red wagons are okay if you have to move groceries and heavy stuff. Or if you're a kid. Because every kid needs a little red wagon. (Don't worry, it will be a small country. On an island. And it will be between forty and seventy degrees there all year round.)

All TVs that make that painful high-pitched whiny noise will be banned. Any found in the country will be taken to the shooting range and used as target practice.

The national currency will be uranium toothpicks. National colors are xanadu and taupe. Oh, and the national flower would be the dandelion. I like dandelions. Three years in jail for calling them "weeds." And of course, the national animal would be the platypus. Oh wait, or maybe squirrel. Hmmm... Oh! Linty squirratypus monkey! Of course!

Music would be a required subject in schools. Band, especially. Everyone will be required to be able to play at least one musical instrument, and radio does not count. Singing doesn't either, but it's encouraged anyway.

There won't be paved roads because there won't be cars, but there will be dirt roads and bike paths and stuff, and they'll be wide enough for jugglers and various other street performers. Preaching for or against any religion will not be allowed on the streets. Actually, forget it, I'm banning all religions except for the one I would invent, which would be called the Exalted Cult of Glurb.

Oh yeah, also, the country's name right now is Tenebris (Latin for "darkness"). I was thinking of naming it Larimda when I was younger (one of my nicknames backwards). I'm still thinking on that.

The next thing for me to do in Nations is to come up with a National Anthem. Any suggestions are welcome. Winner gets to be the bad guy in the next story I write. (Old Man with a Radio in his Car gets to be the hero, I think, since he was the first one to answer the juggle question from a while back.)

Monday, October 6, 2008


When I was taking my German quiz last Thursday, there were a few questions I didn't know. I had to make a few guesses, so I just winged it. "Hmmm... 'habt' sounds right. Let's go with that." We started the quiz a little late, too, so I rushed it and didn't have time to double-check my answers. So I was all disappointed, thinking I'd gotten my first B in German this semester. Not a huge deal, except that it always makes me feel all warm and glowy when I get a good grade.

So today we got back the quiz and our last two homework assignments. And in big green letters at the top of the quiz, it said...

"Wow! Ausgezeichnet! 102%!" I flipped through and not only was everything right, but the teacher had written comments like "Eine Perfekte Seite!" and "Perfekt schon weider!" all over it. I pretty much just stared at it and thought, "How the heck did I manage that?" Honestly, I have no idea.

I also got a check plus plus on the last homework assignment, even though I didn't think that was a real grade. It was supposed to be a paragraph or two about ourselves. I wrote about juggling fire, and then at the bottom, I drew a little stick figure of myself juggling fire and saying "Meine Haare sind kurtz denn ich habe sie verbrannt." (My hair is short because I burned it off.)

Also, the teacher wrote up on the board a poem that's supposed to help us remember how to conjugate the German verb "to be."

Ich bin hier.
Du bist da.
Er ist in Amerika.
Wir sind groß.
Ihr seid klein.
Sie sind an dem schönen Rhein.

Translated, that means:

I am here.
You are there.
He's in America.
We're tall.
You guys are short.
They're on the beautiful Rhine River.

Doesn't sound half as cool in English, but meh. That's how language works. Anyway, the teacher split the class up into two groups. Apparently, half the class didn't understand one of the recent homework assignments, so she took that half of the class to the back of the room to review with them. The rest of us were asked to write another poem in German based on the "Ich bin hier" poem, only conjugating the verb "haben" (to have) instead. We worked in small groups. Most of the poems were things like "Ich habe Gelb. Du hast eine Katze. Er hat ein Vorlesung." (I have money. You have a cat. He has a class.) Another group came up with what translated into "I have one. You have two. He has three fish. We have six. You guys have five. They have sharp fish-hooks." Personally, I really liked the one Phillip and Martin and I came up with.

Ich habe eine Gabel.
Du hast ein Messer.
Er hat ein Löffel. (Dein Messer ist beßer.)
Wir haben keine Tassen.
Ihr habt keine Teller.
Sie haben jetzt kein guter Wein in dem Keller.

I have a fork.
You have a knife.
He has a spoon. (Your knife is better.)
We have no cups.
You guys have no plates.
They have no more good wine in the cellar.

I'm bragging now. Strut strut! Fear my beginning level language skills! Isn't it great that I can pass a first-year German class after having taken two years of German already?

...Well, now I don't feel half so cool. Dang.

I wish I were doing as well in the rest of my classes.

The Little Mermaid

I was hanging out with some LDS friends a while back, and we were listening to my music when the song "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaid came on. Now, I admit, I never liked that movie when I was little. Ursula terrified me, and besides, the movie was too kissy for me. But I don't have anything against it. Now that I'm older, I think possibly the most interesting aspect of the movie is watching Ariel's relationship with her father, who seems constantly angry with her and is a little overly protective, but is willing to sell both his crown and his soul at the end to keep his little girl safe. (All together now: "Awwwwww!")

Anyway, the song came on, and right away, the three girls I was with jumped at it and started talking about a lesson they'd had in church a while back in which they were taught what an evil movie The Little Mermaid is. "What the heck?" I asked. "It wasn't outstanding, but it wasn't bad!"

But no, apparently they had some teacher at church who taught them that Ariel was teaching children that it's okay to be greedy and constantly wanting more. I pointed out that what she wanted more of was knowledge, which is a good thing, and the girls said, "No, she didn't want knowledge, she wanted experience of bad things. She's teaching kids it's okay to smoke and do drugs."


Oh, also, apparently she dresses like a slut. HELLO! She's a mermaid! What do you expect, a t-shirt? Be glad she's wearing anything!

I loathe it when church teachers abuse the power they've been given to try and pass off their own opinions as doctrine. If you think it's a corrupt movie, that's your prerogative, but for crying out loud, don't tell people the church backs you up unless it actually does! No matter what I said, I couldn't convince these girls that The Little Mermaid is not an evil show that corrupts children by teaching them to do drugs, because they had it stuck in their heads that the "church" teaches that it's bad, and the church is unquestionably true.

Next, I'm sure they'll say Beauty and the Beast teaches that it's okay to live with a man you're not married to. And Robin Hood teaches that it's okay to steal from people as long as you need the money more than they do. And Aladdin teaches that it's okay to have a pet tiger if you're a princess. What the heck, man.

Anyway, so if you have a position as a teacher, I implore you to please let your students know when you're teaching your own personal opinion as opposed to doctrine, because people will defend your opinions even unto death if they think it's a church teaching.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

She loves me... she loves me not...

I had an epiphany while I was talking to my roommate Sarah. Sarah's my only roommate who really talks to me. Amanda will occasionally talk to me to say things like "don't use my silverware" and "take out the trash," and Brooke... well, I managed to get six words out of her the other day. She still refuses to even look at me most of the time. Anyway, I like Sarah a lot. She's pretty and she smiles a lot and she's very spunky and, amazingly, she actually acknowledges my existence. Unfortunately, she's graduating this Christmas and moving out, leaving me with the two who very clearly don't like having me around. So I was talking to Sarah about this and discovered that Brooke has wanted her own room from the beginning. Sarah says Brooke will probably try and have me moved into Amanda's room after Sarah leaves. This gave me the epiphany about why Brooke doesn't like me. It's not that I did anything to tick her off--it's simply that my very existence means that she doesn't have her own room like she wants. So Brooke still doesn't like me, but I feel better now knowing that it's her problem, not mine.

In other news, I've been working with the acrylic ball lately and I'm starting to get fairly good at contact juggling. Strut strut strut! Really, if I can get as good as Karl (the guy who originally taught me how to juggle), I'll be happy.

I have a bunch of homework I ought to get done, but for some reason, I'm having trouble concentrating again. I'm tempted to go get some caffeine, which sometimes helps, but it's five in the evening, and if I get caffeine now, I won't be able to get to sleep tonight and my performance tomorrow will suffer. Which doesn't matter too much, I suppose, since I only have two classes, one of which is German, which is pretty easy. (Having said that, watch me get back a C on last Thursday's quiz....)


(Edit: Oh oh oh! Also, proof that Rob's a keeper: He gave me donuts this morning!!! :D)

Friday, October 3, 2008

Love life... hoo boy...

I try not to talk about my love life on here, largely because I really hate reading friends' blogs when they squeal about how sweet and wonderful and amazing Boy is every day for weeks and then it's "Whine Whine, Boy doesn't love me enough," and a few weeks later, "Boy is the biggest jerk in the whole world."

However, this information is pertinent, as it may make future blog posts make more sense, so I suppose I should share. Lint Monkey has an awesome boyfriend. Well, okay, I've kind of had one for a week; I just never found a good opportunity to mention it. And if you've been following my blog, you could probably already guess who he is. To forestall at least a few of your questions, I'll go ahead and give you some information about him.

His name's Rob (the juggling club president), and yes, he is the same guy as the one in the fire-eating video, and in like half of the pictures I've put up recently. He juggles, he smiles a lot, and he has a ponytail. What more could a person want, yeah? He's 24, has an degree in biology, and is working for a master's in education because he wants to teach high school. This last summer, he worked as the shooting instructor at a Boy Scout camp, teaching kids how to use guns and how not to shoot each other with them. Right now, he's a Peer Mentor in one of the freshman dorms. He's 6'1", super skinny, and allergic to peanuts. (No wonder he's skinny. He can't eat Reese's cups!) He knows both computers and cars, and not only does he cook, but he automatically does dishes too. And he's easily three times as ticklish as I am. Mwahaha. Also, he has a spider plant like Maxxy, only his is named Randy. Rob's also the kind of super-nerd who uses words like "homogenized" in everyday speech. And he loves hiking. Dad would love him. Back off, Dad. I saw him first. ;)

Twenty-one seems a little old for a first boyfriend. (I feel sorry for my dad, because I know he was probably looking forward to threatening all my dates, but he never got to because I never dated anyone before I left home.) But I have to say, I kind of think it may have been worth the wait.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Front page

Check it out! We made the front page of the school newspaper! ...And by "we" I mean "President Rob," but he represents the whole club, yeah? ;)