Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving fun!

Yesterday, my dog slipped out the door as I was trying to go somewhere. I tracked her down and eventually found her at my next-door neighbors' cabin (their cabin isn't visible from mine, so quit making fun of how difficult it was to find her :P). She was playing catch with my neighbors and their two dogs. I was worried at first, thinking Stormy was terrorizing their dogs or something, but no, they were all having fun. The neighbors offered to play with her for a little longer and let her get out some energy, then take her home afterward. I started to say that was a good idea, but before I had finished my sentence, Stormy and their bigger dog, Ernie, apparently got into a spat over the tennis ball, and they started going for each others' throats, teeth bared and snarling.

Needless to say, Stormy didn't end up staying. I drove her home and started to leave... and then I realized that her ears were bleeding. First thing I checked was whether it was bites or head injury (I was pretty sure it was bites, but I wanted to be sure). The ears weren't torn all the way through, fortunately, but Stormy didn't like it when I cleaned the blood off at all. So my poor puppy has ouchies on her ears. I wonder if I should go visit the neighbors and see how Ernie is holding up.

I had a pretty good Thanksgiving. It was my job to make the pumpkin pie and creamed spinach, and to my surprise and delight, they actually both turned out really well, despite the fact that I couldn't get hold of any ginger for the pie. (Both Safeway and Fred Meyer were completely sold out, and I didn't feel like bothering to go all the way across town to check Wal-mart when I don't like ginger that much anymore anyway.) My friends Trevor, Blake, and Rob and I all put together the dinner, and two girls, Steph and Lydia, both of whom I'm not very familiar with, stopped by for a short amount of time too. After eating, we watched V for Vendetta (which I thought was a kind of disturbing movie, to be honest, though I can't say I regret watching it) and then played a board game that had something to do with being a dork. It was a really fun game. I kind of wish I remembered the name.

Someone mentioned that it was virtually impossible to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon. And of course, being the Lint Monkey that I am, I had to try it. They warned me that it sucks the moisture out of your mouth really fast. Being the genius I am, I thought if I swallowed it really fast, it wouldn't be too bad. ...Yeah, BAD plan! It got stuck in my throat. I had to vomit, but nothing was going anywhere. I couldn't inhale, I could hardly cough, I couldn't talk, and I could barely exhale. I seriously thought for a moment I was going to die or something. I darn near threw up in the trash can (which they had placed right at my feet before getting out the cinnamon), only I couldn't because my throat refused to work. I think I still have cinnamon stuck in my nose. It was probably the most physically painful experience of the last... several weeks, at least. Quite a bit worse than that concussion I gave myself. Holy cow! Moral of the story, if you try to eat a tablespoon of cinnamon all at once, DON'T try to swallow it really fast. In fact, maybe don't even try it. I used to love cinnamon. Now, I think I'm never going to eat anything with cinnamon in it ever again. I couldn't even say, "OW IT HURTS!" for several minutes. Sheesh!

...Yep. I'm my siblings' sister.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Last night was my first solo juggling performance. It was a kind of spontaneous decision. I went to the church talent show and decided to bring some juggling stuff and ask whoever was in charge if they had a few minutes for a juggling act. I was so nervous that I dropped stuff way more often than I usually do, but I got a ton of applause anyway. They clapped when I first started juggling, and then again when I started doing different patterns, then again when I dropped a ball and it rolled offstage and I caught it in midair as it fell off the stage (strut strut... it was pure dumb luck). They clapped again when I brought out the clubs, and both clapped and laughed when I started juggling plungers. When I brought out the machetes, they applauded AGAIN, and there were some gasps and cries of, "Are those freaking REAL?" They even clapped when I dropped the machetes and cut my arm! I was so nervous that I forgot to do half my tricks, and I finished with too much time left in the song (I'd had it timed so I could show off my tricks and finish just as my song was ending), so I had to improvise. I grabbed a club, a plunger, and a ball, and started juggling one of each. After my five-minute show was over, I sat down and shook from nerves for about fifteen minutes.

The other acts were good. Many of them were playing-guitar-and-singing acts. There were some really good hula dancers and a few comedy acts (improv, story-telling, stand-up comedy). One guy got into a swimsuit and had two guys hold him up in the air so he could show some swimming techniques. Another guy had a drummer, turned on only the red stage lights and sang a love song in a deep studly voice. It was pretty hot. Someone else did card tricks. A few girls turned off all the lights and danced with flashlights. One girl read some poetry she had written herself. Another guy showed us his spray paint art, which he normally sells for about thirty bucks apiece. I'm sure there were other acts I can't remember now.

Oh yeah! There was also food! Lots of food! Including pumpkin pie! I LOVE pumpkin pie! It's pretty much the manna of all life. I don't know how the world could go on without pumpkin pie. It's the most scrumdiddlyumptiously delectable delight in the solar system. Probably the universe, too. Incidentally, I'm making one tomorrow for Thanksgiving on Thursday, and I've never made one before, so if you happen to know a really good recipe for one, let me know. Otherwise, I'm just googling a recipe.

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Sometimes I just randomly get the urge to bake. So yesterday I decided to bake something. But not just anything. Normally I can throw box mix brownies together and satisfy the urge, but yesterday, I wanted to experiment. So I made chocolate pumpkin chocolate chip brownies. A double-batch of them. Then I brought them to my creative outlet in the evening, and the entire double-batch was gone in two hours. Maybe three. Apparently, my experiment turned out pretty darn well! :D Yay! I was surprised, because I couldn't actually find a recipe for chocolate pumpkin, so I had to find a recipe for normal pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and then alter it by replacing some of the flour with cocoa. Except then it needed more sugar. And then... well, anyway, I was pleasantly surprised with how they turned out.

Also, I managed to jump up and smack my head hard on the garage door track. Afterwards, I was tired and dizzy, which makes me wonder if I got a very very minor concussion. Not that it matters, since it did no damage other than a little bump. I hit it pretty hard. Good thing I have such a thick skull. :P

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

happy slurpy noises

My friends Jack and Kitty came to visit yesterday. It was the first time I've had a visitor besides Peter in my cabin. I still don't have any shelves or a desk or table or even a decent bedframe, but I had just barely finished finally installing a clothes rod so I could hang up shirts when they showed up. The first thing they did when they arrived was start cleaning. My house isn't THAT big of a disaster; it looks much worse than it is because of the boxes everywhere. I can't wait to finish getting furniture so I can finish unpacking and make my living environment more comfortable. It's going to look pretty awesome when I finish moving in, I think. Just having a place to hang my clothes has made my loft look twice as good.

I'm still coughing and hacking everywhere, although I feel a little less feverish, finally. I'm sick to death of chicken noodle soup. I hate coughing and hacking all through a class. I feel like it interrupts the teacher and grosses out the people sitting near me. I'm not going to lie--I skipped a few classes mainly because of that. Well, also I don't want to get other people sick.

My dog is grossing me out by making these happy slurpy noises as she licks her butt. Ewwww! Peter makes fun of me because I'm too easy on her. It's true, I kind of spoil her rotten. I want my dog to be my friend, not my slave.

I had to give a report today on an article about the origin of the Navajo language. The author of the article sounded like a pompous snob who was hiding a weak argument behind his admittedly extensive vocabulary. The first line said, "Internal linguistic evidence for inferences as to cultural antecedents..." and it all went downhill from there. My favorite sentence from the article said, "If we could find internal linguistic evidence in Navaho, of cultural implications, tending, as it were, to free Navaho and Navaho culture from their present Southwestern environment, the initial probability of a northern provenience would be strengthened." In English, what that says is, "If we found proof that the Navajo aren't from the southwest, then it would be more likely that they were from the north." Clever, isn't he?

Monday, November 16, 2009

It's weird being sick

For some reason, when I'm sick, it makes me feel better to take my temperature and see a number over 100. I guess it solidifies my sickness or something. It's like mathematical evidence. "See, you are justified in feeling sick." I've been nasty-sick for a few days, and yesterday got some cheapo thermometer just to justify feeling sick, and it won't even give me a reading as high as 98 yet. Just 96s and 97s. Apparently I'm undersick? What?

The fact that I'm coughing so hard that my gag reflex is kicking in, and I can't sleep because I can't lie down because the fluid goes to my lungs or something and makes me cough more seems to make up for the failed thermometer test. Maybe I'm just putting the thermometer in the wrong orifice.

I'll try my nose next time. Yes.

So yeah. I've been trying to sleep since like eight. It's now 3:30 in the morning. I just got up (again) because I'm coughing too hard to cough lying down. The horizontal position does not allow for enough recoil. So I had to take more Sudafed. And Theraflu. And chicken noodle soup, while I was at it. Then I let the dog out, so I can't go back to bed till she decides to come back. I really need to get a zipline for her or something. Especially given her tendency to chase cars. Stupid animal. I know, I know, I'm a horrible person for not putting her on a leash and taking her for a walk to pee when it's twenty below outside and I'm in my pajamas. It's bad enough having to go outside myself to pee when it's twenty below outside and I'm in my pajamas. No, seriously, have you tried using toilet paper when your fingers are numb with cold? It's weird!

Oh hark! The sound of claws scratching up my front door! Either Stormy's back, or the bears have come out of hibernation due to the sudden epiphany that they'll have to break into my cabin to get to the peanut butter.

Nope, just Stormy. Glad she's back, but I'm a little disappointed, too. The bears would have made a much more interesting story. ;)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

late night pictures,,, because why not.

I woke up in the middle of the night with a fever and sore throat and can't get back to sleep. But I have internet now, so that means you can have a few pictures.

Me, Rob, Blake, Will, and Becca at the contra dance. Did I mention that was a blast?

Blake has really cool biking goggles. So I stole them.

I got these pictures off Facebook... my camera battery is dead and I can't remember where I put my charger. Really wish I had a break from school so I could unpack. Rawr.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh hey...

I have internet finally! :O Neat!

I had a bunch of things I wanted to write about yesterday, but now I can't remember any of them. That's probably a good thing, since I ought to get more homework done. I haven't been sleeping well. Or working well. Or doing anything else well. It was like my brain just decided to give up sometime last week. It was doing so well all semester, and now suddenly BAM! It's dead. Or gone. Or maybe just severely crippled. I don't even know. Either way, it's rather detrimental to... well, everything.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

I can haz dance?

I went contra-dancing with some friends last night. It was a ton of fun and probably even worth missing Earthdawn for! I knew about half a dozen people there and now know the names of about as many more. It was way better than the church dances I attended as a teenager because a) we weren't all just jumping around randomly like mexican jumping beans on crack, and b) people asked me to dance every single time because everyone actually went there to dance and not because they were obligated to go. (Okay, well, I was obligated, sort of, but I wanted to dance anyway, because I'll try anything once as long as it won't kill anyone, get me arrested, or cause serious damage.) Twice, I actually got asked by two different people and had to ask the second to save the next dance for me.

I felt like I was pretty terrible because I kept forgetting steps, and rushing up late, and I still can't figure out what the "balance" move is all about, partly because everyone seems to do it differently. But nobody really seemed to care, and they laughed right along with me as they made similar mistakes. I was glad most of the people remembered the moves and could steer me in the right direction when I forgot a step. If there's one thing I'm pretty good at, it's following. (But not so much when I was waltzing with Will, because I was trying to step in time to the music and, well, he wasn't.)

I don't think I stopped grinning all night. It was way fun, and I was actually pretty sad when it ended, partly because it meant the fun was over, partly because I had to part with all the cute guys (except the ones that came to Denny's with us afterward), and partly because it meant it was time to start thinking about schoolwork again.

Schoolwork. Sigh. Oh well. The break was nice while it lasted.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Of coffee, knives, and Card

Interesting how human cravings work. I've heard it said that one of the healthiest ways to eat is to eat whatever you feel like eating because your body knows what it needs better than your brain. You might think, "Well, if I did that, I would eat nothing but chocolate all the time," but it's actually not true. Your body will tell you, "I crave asparagus, I crave oranges, I crave cheesy cauliflower." At least, mine does. And there are times when my brain says, "Ooo, candy bar!" and my body says, "Ugh, not now."

Well, for the last two days, for some weird reason, I've had a craving for those cold Starbucks mocha drink thingies in the little glass bottles. You know, the ones that taste awful because they're coffee and the ones that are horrendously overpriced. But a two-day craving can't be ignored (and no, it's not an addiction, since I never drink coffee and actually can't stand the stuff), so I went ahead and bought some. And yeah, it tastes just as bad as I remembered. Well, it's not BAD, I guess. I think I mentioned the one time I tasted it before that if it weren't for the distinct coffee flavor, it would actually make a pretty good hot chocolate.

In fact, there was a dark chocolate mocha there too that I thought might be worth trying, and that one was actually pretty tasty. I could hardly taste the coffee at all. So now it's eleven at night and I'm all coffeed up and theoretically won't have much trouble staying awake long enough to do my homework assignment that's due tomorrow. Provided I eventually get around to doing it instead of writing in my blog, that is. But I haven't REALLY written for a while, I think, so I might as well.

Juggling club is going great. We've still got several active members, almost all of whom are enthusiastic, eager to learn, and excited to teach.

I'm at Peter's right now, leeching his internet. He's nice to me. He makes me food and lets me use his shower, since I don't have one. Also, he gave me a knife. It's one of those flippy ones where you push a button and it flips open, and then you can slide up a thingy to lock it. Oh yes. Fear my technical terminology. It's a pretty sweet knife, actually. It has this cool angle that makes it ideal for self defense, should I ever need to use it for that. Also, the blade is black. It's a nice addition to my collection. I love knives. :D

My cabin is nice and comfortable. I still need to acquire a computer desk and a few chairs, and I need to put up a rod to hang my clothes from and some bookshelves. Several bookshelves. I have a lot of books. I love books. I'm hopefully getting internet out there this weekend too. Yay!

Stormy likes the place. She's finally starting to get used to the idea that I'll come back when I leave, although she's still clingy enough to make some of us (me and my friends) worry about her. For example, yesterday I left her for twelve hours, and I didn't give her much food before I left because Peter said she would be less likely to poop in the house while I was gone if I didn't give her much food. By the time I got back, I figured she would be starving. She was really excited when I got back, and when I gave her food, she took a few bites, but when I walked away to put the food bag away, she clung to my side like a tick and refused to eat unless I was there beside her the whole time. It's no wonder she's so skinny! She refuses to leave my side when I'm at home, and she hates it when I leave. I guess being alone in that cold, dark, tiny cabin can't be too exciting. Maybe I should get her a friend. Like a cat.

Hmm, what else? I got an A on my Morphology midterm, which is good news. My workload has shrunk to a manageable size for the next week or so, which is also good news, since I'll need the next week or so to finish the moving process. My friend Blake brought me a new book to read. It's called The Memory of Earth, by Orson Scott Card. I like it so far, but then, I'm on page seven, so I can't really judge it very well yet. I read a short story by Orson Scott Card once, and I absolutely loved it. The only other thing I've read by him was Ender's Game, which I wasn't impressed with at all. It took me three tries to get through the book, and when I finally waded my way through it, I put it down thinking, "Okay... now I can understand what people are talking about when they rave about it... but I still can't understand why they do." Maybe I just dislike protagonists with zero personality or something. Maybe I thought the entire thing where his twelveish-year-old siblings take over the world by pretending to be philosophers was retarded. Maybe I thought the book was too violent. Maybe I thought the author did a really lousy job trying to portray a six-year-old super-genius. Actually, it was probably all of the above plus maybe a dozen other reasons. Either way, I wasn't impressed with Ender's Game. I guess we'll see how Memory of Earth is.

Okay. Well, it's way past the time I should have gotten on my homework, so I guess I'll have to wrap this up and not get started on telling you about the boy situation. Pity about that, huh? ;)


Tuesday, November 3, 2009




That is all.

Monday, November 2, 2009


I almost killed a kid yesterday. Two-year-old Brayden wanted me to toss him up in the air. He climbed up on the couch and begged me to throw him up, so I looked up and made sure there weren't any rafters in the way, then tossed him up as high as I could. Well... I looked up, but I didn't look up and back, and his head smashed into a chandelier. He screamed, and when I looked at the chandelier, I noticed the one he smashed his head into no longer had a bulb, and for one horrifying second, I thought I had smashed the bulb into his face and I would look down and see bits of broken glass sticking out of the new holes I had punctured in his skin. But no, he wasn't bleeding at all, and it turns out I didn't break the chandelier. (There hadn't been a bulb in that one to begin with.) Once his parents realized he had nothing worse than a potential bump on the head and the chandelier was okay, they had a good laugh about it. Man, I felt horrible!

Well, the place I was living felt crowded, and I didn't really have a place to plug in my car. In fact, I didn't have room to finish moving in my stuff, so my cold weather gear was/is still in storage. So I moved out and now I have my own cabin (with my puppy). It has no running water, but at least the outhouse has a heat lamp and blue foam, so it's not too miserable. At least, not at -10. It's a little annoying, though, that once I have my pajamas on, I have to get fully dressed in warm clothing if I have to use the bathroom.

Oh yeah, also, I haven't showered in three days. I was going to use the showers on campus, but I didn't realize till I got to campus today that I'd need my student ID card. I don't actually know where mine is, and I'm too cheap to spend $15 buying a replacement when it's probably packed away in one of the boxes I'll be unpacking here soon anyway. So then I was going to shower at Peter's house, but I think he's mad at me, so maybe I should find an alternative.

Stormy apparently has separation anxiety. She gets really mad when I leave without her. She doesn't tear stuff up while I'm gone, but she will crap on the floor right in front of the door, even if I'm only gone for two hours. She knows better. Bad puppy! (Now I'm really glad I made a point to get a place with hardwood floors.)

On Halloween, I went bowling with some friends. First of all, watching Sith lords and jedis bowl and "use the force" to make the ball spin over and knock the pins down is really awesome. Second of all, I'm terrible at bowling. In the first game, by the fifth set, my total score was 5. Then I went to the snack food stand and found a really shiny ball that I decided to use, and then my score started improving. My final scores were 40, 76, and 98. This is proof that shinies really are better.

That said, I have to go to class. I'll update more when I have internet at my cabin... which I don't have right now.