Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas and stuff

I was a little depressed thinking this would be a lame Christmas, but it actually wasn't. Jack had to work a 24-hour shift, but he managed to get six hours off for lunch and dinner as long as he was on half-hour recall (if they called him, he had to be there within half an hour). So I brought Jack and Stormy to Cindy's house for dinner. We had a great time. Cindy taught me how to make homemade eggnog (non-alcoholic), and Jack and Mike and Dave struck up a conversation that sounded like it was mostly about military stuff. (Mike and Dave are Vietnam vets.) Stormy got along great with Cindy's dog, Jeter. We didn't introduce Stormy to the horses, but Cindy did let Jack and I help feed them. Well, follow along, really. Cindy even gave us presents! It was really nice and actually felt very Christmasy, with the great meal and the decorations and the Charlie Brown-ish Christmas tree and a bunch of people and dogs having a grand old time.

Then Jack had to go back to work, but I was allowed to keep him company for a while. Unfortunately, when Jack's in uniform, it turns I'm not allowed to show any kind of physical affection. And since Jack had to stay in uniform even when he was gone, it made for a very interesting day.

Tomorrow, the Clan is opening Christmas presents. I feel like a dork, because I got something for everyone except Jack. Well, not true. I got Jack something, but it was a cheap little thing, and I kind of wanted to get him something nice too.

I'd ramble on, but it's two in the morning, and I have to get up early, so I'm going to sleep. Toodles!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Checking in

I'm enjoying the break from school, but I feel a little down right now for no real reason. I've had a lot of fun lately, hanging out with friends and all. Today, Jack and I went out to dinner with Dave and Mandy. Dave insisted I get the Azteca Grande, since it's apparently mandatory "initiation" for the Mexican restaurant where we ate. The burrito was almost as big as my torso. I ALMOST managed to eat the whole thing. Left a bit slightly smaller than my wallet--only about six bites left. That was ten hours ago. I still feel like I never want to look at food again.

Jack finished making a dog run for Stormy, so now I can let her outside without having to be with her all the time. I don't like letting out to roam free because the neighbors don't like her in their yard, and besides, sometimes she eats stuff that makes her throw up, like the night when she kept me up allll night long by vomiting on my floor eight times throughout the night. Every time, I had to get up, go downstairs, get the trash can and paper towels and water bottle, clean it up, and put everything back. Actually, after the fourth or so, I got smart and just kept the stuff upstairs, but still...


Nothing really to report, I guess. Just figured I'd check in, since it's been a week or so.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Wow, I've been seriously neglecting my blog lately.

This last Sunday, I dragged Jack out to meet my North Pole family. It was a little funny, actually--most people worry that their family won't like their significant other, but I worried that my significant other wouldn't like my family. But Jack seemed to have a great time. The kids adored him, and I think he fell asleep on the couch with his head resting on the dog, one kid curled up in front of him, and one behind him. (The "I think" there refers to the fact that I think he was asleep, not I think he was in that position. I was washing the dishes at the time and not paying too much attention.) We played Farkle, and I lost badly every time. Jack won the first game, Michelle won the second (by rolling SIX ones at the same time and shooting her score from 6000 to 14000 in one amazing roll), and I think Tony won the last game. No, Tony was the first to 10000, but in the last roll, I think Jack caught up to him and won again. Anyway, it was awesome.

Classes are over, and after this Saturday, I'm free from school for a month! YAY! Can't wait can't wait! Maybe once I'm done with school, I'll go out to North Pole and help Tony shovel snow off the lake so we can play croquet on ice. That'd be awesome!

I've been toying with the idea of getting a bow if, by some miracle, I happen to have about 500 extra dollars. Okay, so that might not happen, but I can dream, can't I? Jack and I went to Sportsman's Warehouse the other day and they let me take a bow to the little shooting range they have in the back and try it out. Considering how long it's been since I've shot a bow, I did pretty darn well, I thought. Of the first five shots, the first two were one circle outside the bullseye, and the next three were all dead-center bullseye. Granted it was only ten yards, but I was pretty proud of myself just the same.

I'm toying with this idea for a skirt I'd kind of like to sew for church if I can get my hands on a sewing machine. I think it would be the coolest thing in the world if I shot some rabbits and then trimmed the hem of the skirt in rabbit fur. I can just imagine the conversation in the women's meeting at church. "That's a very nice skirt. Is that real fur?" "Yeah, it is. Rabbit fur." "How can you tell it's rabbit fur?" "I shot the rabbits myself." "You... WHAT????" Yeah, that's right. Wearing the remains of my victims on the hem of my skirt. How cool would that be? Am I morbid? Maybe I'm morbid. But hey, how many women can claim something like that? I mean honestly claim it, not claim it falsely.

My friend Becca gave me some fancy foreign dark chocolate a day or two ago. I had it in my backpack, and then left the house for a few hours. When I came back, my dog had gotten into my backpack and eaten all of the chocolate. DOG! You ate all my chocolate! Now I don't have my Lindt dark chocolate anymore! Oh yeah, and chocolate is bad for dogs, so you might die. But you ate all my chocolate! Stupid dog! (Priorities, ya know?)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


At FHE this evening, we played Zombie Tag, which meant you start out with one zombie, and the zombie tags other people by biting them. Instead of having a new zombie, they're now both zombies, and the game continues till everyone's a zombie. I actually did pretty well--I was one of the last standing (not counting the pansies who were hiding), and had a lovely dramatic death in which I screamed and fell to my knees and did the whole "It's getting dark..." spiel, and then I convulsed several times before rising back up again and lunging for the throat of some poor person who had decided that just because I was on the floor, I wasn't a threat. Unfortunately, of the 25-ish people at the activity, only about six or eight of them actually played. The rest were grossed out by the idea that we had to bite each other. So instead, the guy in charge decided we could play Freeze Tag (also called Stuck in the Mud). When people get tagged, they stand still with their legs spread, and you can unfreeze someone by crawling between their legs. Well, one guy got tagged, a second tried to crawl between his legs and got tagged as well, so they were standing one in front of the other, and I sprinted across the room and did a dive and slid underneath both of them at once in a heroic save! It was epic! Only I got a nasty rug burn by doing so. It kind of stings. It will not be fun when it is infected. But it was such a cool move that it was worth it. Also, I took a little satisfaction in the fact that I was the only girl who was not too sissy to play.

Afterward, I sat down at the piano for a little while and started playing one of the Mario theme songs. Remy stuck his head in the door of the room where I was playing the piano and said, "Oh my gosh, I love you!" and blew me a kiss. Jack (who I started dating roughly two weeks ago) went after him. It was this awesome epic battle with leet ninja skills and throwing stars and bazookas. They ended up calling a truce--Jack says Remy can have me on Tuesdays and Thursdays. It's so nice that they can share. :P

I also got to talk with the stake president this evening, and the meeting went on for about forty-five minutes. It was pretty cool. He's such a nerd. He kept straying from the subject to talk about Star Trek and Lord of the Rings and stuff. Awesome! I love this guy!

School's been busy, but not actually completely overwhelming. The really frustrating part is the fact that it's starting to look like the school has found yet another way to keep me here and leech money from me for another semester or two. Jerks. And yes, I will be fighting this. I'm done. Since when is school more about fulfilling petty little requirements than actual learning, anyway?

Oh yeah, also, my dog is a jerk. She stole almost half of my pizza today, then pooped on my kitchen floor. Rude! She's lucky she's so cute and cuddly, I tell ya. Seriously, though, one of the first things on my to-do list after I finish with finals is to set up a dog-run for her, so I can let her outside without having to worry about a) her running into traffic (not that there's a lot of that around here) or b) her running into my other yards, getting into trash, and being dragged home by my irate neighbors demanding I keep my "blankety blank" dog under control. I'll still have to worry about wolves, but meh, minor detail.

Oh oh oh oh oh! Guess what guess what guess what!!! I got approved for the Alaska PFD! Know what that means? It means I can probably afford tuition next semester! WOOOOT!!!!!!!

Oh yeah, and I have a friend moving to Oregon because he thinks Oregon is a less depressing place than Fairbanks. That amuses me. I should get this friend in touch with Terrace. :P

That said, I'm going to go finish preparing tomorrow's presentation now. I can't wait for finals to end so I can take a break!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Puppy's ears are recovering sufficiently for her to be causing trouble again. Puppies do NOT belong on keyboards, of piano OR computer variety! Stupid dog. She's incorrigible. She sheds a ton of fur and it gets all over my clothing, so when I go anywhere, I shed her dog fur for her a second time. It's funny eating with a friend and pulling my dog's hair out of food made and prepared in a place my dog has never been.

I wrote a research paper for the wrong class. I thought I had one due in my Shakespeare class today, but it turns out my British Literature paper was due today, and the Shakespeare one isn't due till Thursday. Fortunately, I have the same teacher for both classes. I explained the situation and he said it was fine. Took my Hamlet paper early in place of the British Literature one. Phew!

After having my car for over two years, I've finally figured out how to turn on the bass. It's awesome listening to bass lines in my music that I never knew even existed! And it's been so long since I've played music that I can hardly remember whether it's spelled 'bass' or 'base.' It's 'bass' in music, right? I'm really losing it. Darn schoolwork is killing my brain!

The student president approached me today and asked me if I had ever considered being on the student senate. No, not really. Ever. For a reason. Why? "Well, I want the entire student body represented, not just the politicians. I also want people on the senate who are humble and more interested in bettering the school and not their own careers. And I know you're active and well-connected and honest, so I was wondering if you would consider it. Normally you have to run and get elected, but elections are pretty much over, so if you agree, I can just appoint you to the senate next semester."

Wow! That's quite an honor, especially since there are apparently only twenty people on the senate. But I don't like politics. On the other hand, Adrian's right that it would be helpful to have people that aren't rising politicians speaking up. I guess it can't hurt too bad to give it a try and do my best. What's the worst that can happen?