Thursday, October 27, 2011

Work work

Jack's been bugging me to update again, so I guess I will.

I still don't have what I consider a "job," although I do some freelance editing, I have an interview next week, and I also found someone to pay me enough for gas in return for feeding her horses. I also shovel poop, brush them, and pick their hooves because I want to. Jack says she got a pretty good deal "hiring" me.

Of the three horses, the oldest one is my favorite. He's 35, and he's a black quarter horse. His winter coat is already growing in, and he's super fuzzy, and he loooves to be petted. The other two horses will do what I ask them to (mostly), but they don't seem to like being petted and scratched, and they'll escape to their pasture as soon as I'm done with them (and sometimes before I'm done with them). The older one, though, will beg me to scratch him--it doesn't matter where--and once I do, he'll tilt his head, his eyes will half close, and his upper lip will start to twitch. After a minute or two, he'll turn around and try to return the favor by "scratching" me with his nose. And just like Akela and Blitzkrieg, as soon as I stop scratching him to do something else, he'll get right in my way and try to make me scratch him some more.